At the coffee shop that I happened to enter, 25 (2023.10.15)

Good evening everyone


It’s time for News 0113


Breaking news



This is the information we just received


On ● month, ✖ day, ▲ hour

Miss Matono Mio eats a kimchi beef bowl inside the car from morning




We received news that Miss Matono Mio was eating a kimchi beef bowl in a vehicle in the morning


Mio Matono boldly showed up in the morning with a kimchi beef bowl in her hand


She ate it in the car with a delicious smell wafting in the air



… Just kidding.




I heard some people talking about Mio-chan eating kimchi beef bowl in the car in the morning the other day,

We all laughed a lot

because it’s so typical of Mio-chan

( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝ )


Mio-chan is always so funny

but she’s so cool when performing

What a gap, isn’t it~~







Everyone, thank you for your hard work again today


Work, school, club activities, part-time

those who befriended sloths [= as in lazing around], and others

You all did great!

Whether it’s working hard or resting,

let’s get through the days without pushing ourself too hard





[Caption says: G’morning~]


( ˊᵕˋ)ノˊᵕˋ ) Pats pats





Well then


It’s Ishimori Rika


Please read my blog today as well











All the individual PV included in

has been revealed~ 💡





Have you all given it a look?


Each individual PV is wonderful

I watched them lots!




“Rika-chan is still imperfect!”


When the director first briefed me on the project

the content of it made me go

“I love thisss!!!!”

I was truly so happy





It has a strong characteristic that is unique to individual PV

It’s a school in summer

and I was able to do singing, something that I love.


It’s filled with my many likes






I also did my first attempt at acting (˶ ˶ )


Gyah, it was difficult

Please see it as something whose improvement you can look forward to in the future

… lol












And the song!


At the end of the individual PV teaser

there is a part where I was full-on singing,

I received a song titled “Rika, Still Imperfect”!



It’s a song that I love so much~









When I first sent the material,

my first impression of it was, “It’s difficult!!!




I usually sing songs from 80s or 90s私は普段

like Sheena Ringo-san or aiko-san


Although I struggled with a genre I never tried before

I practiced a lot for it






I worked hard so it

so I’d be happy if you could give it a listen


The song is also playing in a quieter volume at the start

so please bring your ears close and listen to it carefully 🎧











Thanks to the individual PV

I become more interested in singing and acting~



And once again, truly thank you very much

to the director who thought about me a lot

and developed many things,

and it is also thanks to everyone else who is involved in this project ( ¨̮ )



























Corner where I will answer your questions



Q Favorite chocolate snack?


Sylveine! I like the white one






Q Is there anything that made you think “So delicious!!” when you eat it??


The pork shabu salad* that I made!

[*Pork meat that are cooked hotpot style before added onto the salad]





Q Favorite pasta sauce?









Q Please tell me your recommended skincare and make-up tools!



My recommended skincare ↓



Green Derma CICA Essential Pad



Retinol Cica Repair Serum



Milk Brightening Toner



Make-up tool ↓



JEL-FIT TINT Peach Jelly



I hope that it can be a reference!




Q Which 3rd gen member would you love to have as a younger sister~?


I think it’s Shiichan!

It’s funny how she teases and retorts everyone, so I think it would be fun if we were to become sisters! lol















Well then

Tha’s all for today!



The lovely book that was placed next to the cash register at the coffee shop that I happened to enter




See ya~






#りかのぶろぐ (Rika’s blog)

#ねーねーりかちゃん (Hey, Hey, Rika-chan)

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