ODAKURAP (2023.10.13)

Good morning

Thank you again for your hard work this Friday







I’m 19 years old Odakura Reina

from Tokyo.






3rd generation’s individual PV

are included in the 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu”.



And the trailer was released yesterday!







Have you listened to it?

By all means, please do check it out~!



Just as the title suggested, I did rapping.







who made the song


Hamada Asuya-san

who directed it


Truly thank you very much to everyone

involved in this work!




From the day I received the wonderful lyrics

I’ve been humming it every day.




on da clap


It’s filled with so many things about me from start to finish, so you can understand all about me.


I hope that you can listen to the full version as well




After recording all the scenes,


I think about

how much fun it is to make something together with everyone.



From the time we started the filming, everyone hyped up the song with me, and gave me advice, and I was able to film it in such a warm and wonderful environment




in the end, the director gave me a hi-5, and it made me truly so happy that I wish it didn’t need to end.



I think that, no matter how old I get,

I will continue to say “My individual PV was awesome~”. lol




I hope that it can be seen by many people!








I will be posting the offshots now.


Rabbit-san and Dog-san!

They danced so intensely

they were so cool.






Smiling so widely grin grin



Being a gyaru here

Gyaru and a car make a good match



I became so excited because I was rapping……



This is how the full body looks like

Rabbit-san and Dog-san were with me from morning to night, and we got to know each other a little bit better.


So fluffy



A glance




The full version of my individual PV

is included in the TYPE-C of the 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu”.


It’s packed with scenes that will make you giggle and scenes that are cute and cool as well!


It has become an individual PV where you can see my many expressions.



By all means, please give it a look




#オダクラップ (ODAKURAP)


#おだくらさんの日記 (Odakura-san’s Diary)





Let’s do our best together again today~!



See ya

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