Strawberry tarts are my favorite (2023.10.26)

Good evening









There were a lot of people who asked me
About my makeup routines
So I tried to write it
But it might be a little hard to understand



I hope this would be helpful
If you want to, you can ask me anytime


Thank you for asking ^^
















Somehow it felt
like it’s been a while since I last posted
While I was busy dancing, time just passed by
Thank you for waiting~

I’d like to talk in a laid-back way like usual from here
Please make yourself comfortable





These two were handmade cakes
From back when I was still in school
So nostalgic






[T/N: The left flag is the tagline for the third gen auditions, full translation is here]

The cakes I received after joining Sakurazaka
You can easily tell what kind of cake I like, huh





I wanted everyone to smile,
So I posted the cakes I had in the past

I wonder why we naturally smile
Just by looking at cakes
What a dazzling thing

















On the day I got a shine muscat tart

It’s my daily routine to retrieve the letters after lesson
I’m always grateful

I feel warm inside











On the day I got a cheesecake

On the way home after self-practice
I met a cheesecake by chance

I met a cute dog by chance too
It soothed me
















I’ve been thinking about this when I was practicing recently
That I’ve only been on the receiving side

I’ll do my best to pay you back, okay
Thank you as always






Good night

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