BACKS LIVE!! (2022.01.23)

Hello everyone 🐨



Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino here!



Kinda late but,


Thank you to everyone who has come and watched BACKS LIVE!! that has been held on January 8th and 9th! 🔥







The song that I chose for my center song was ‘Dead end’ 💃



You can read the reason why I choose that song here!


I was nervous at that time but I had so much fun!



All the members were brightly shining, both when they were in the center position or in other positions 🌟



I also immediately read all the letters from mobame right after the show ✉️
Thank you for all the warm messages~ ☺️



Once again thank you to everyone who has watched BACKS LIVE!! 🐯




Love all the Buddies~ ☺️







Thank you for reading until the end!






Kousaka Marino

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