Sugoroku (2022.01.22)

Good afternoon ~


A few days ago,
in SokoSaku we had the “New Year! Sakurazaka46’s Sugoroku Competition!” episode.
Were you able to watch it? 😯


It was a team competition.


And this time,
I was in charge of the T-shirt design of the team which I belonged to,
the Team Kansai!

Sugoroku (2022.01.22)


Take a look~~
I tried drawing all the members of the team…


I also tried to be very particular
about the design of the back side print,
but I think maybe people didn’t understand it very well… 🤔


When I looked at the finished work of the T-shirt,
I felt somehow very happy and grew fond of it. ☺︎


I wonder
if this is how people that
made class T-shirts for school festivals and such
felt like.


It made me very happy that everyone was also pleased with it!


The team also won,
and we got the fortune-telling reading as well,
we were very lucky…!


It was fun. 😌🎲



Today 22nd, from 8 PM in the evening,
in TV Asahi, I will have the opportunity to make an appearance in
“Ikegami Akira’s so that’s what that news were about?!” variety show.


Please take a look, by all means. 🏡


See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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