The strength of the wall mirror’s adhesive tape is weak
I have to reattach it when I wake up in the morning
I have to reattach it when I came back at night
Reattaching the mirror
has become a new daily habit for me
I need a strong double-sided tape 

Kobayashi Yui desu (It’s Kobayashi Yui)


Good evening





The music video for our 2nd single “BAN”,
that is releasing on 14th April,
has been released in Sakurazaka46’s Official YouTube!


The choreography is powerful and vibrant, just like the music,
And I think that the use of water has makes it a more dynamic video🌊


As we are dancing with our whole body while shaking our hairs
I’d be happy if it could make you feel refreshed somehow







Let yourself go with the flow




By all means, pleases watch the music video~












Sakurazaka46’s crown program “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”
that is broadcasted every Sunday midnight from 12.35PM JST
will be available to watch nationwide starting from April!



I’m glad~


Making (the show) available to watch to people outside Kanto as well
was one of the group’s goals,
We were all very happy when we heard the news~



Starting from 5th April, it will be available every Sunday in free streaming service “GYAO!”-san
as a VOD!

You can watch SokoSaku no matter where you are in the country~



And prior to the broadcast that starts in April,
right now in GYAO!-san a newly recorded program titled
“SokoSaku Encyclopedia” is available to watch!


While looking back to famous SokoSaku scenes from the past
we were divided into our home region and had a four-way confrontation~

For some reason I got placed in Chubu region~←


Other than that, there are other contents that could be enjoyed in VR and FR!


Please do give them a look 🌸


We will do our best to make the program even more exciting!












◇Tomorrow, 21st March (Sunday) from 11PM JST

The 3rd episode of HikariTV’s original drama,

Will be available in HikariTV, dTV channel


Episode 3’s preview


Official Homepage


In episode 3, finally the story of the café shop part will finally begin to move

I also think that this is where you can see what problem(s) my character, Kotone, has
I’d be happy if you could give it a look 🎹




A story filled with mysteries
How are they going to be unraveled?

Don’t miss it~










One after another, drama series are reaching their last episode~

Tomorrow is also the last episode of “Tengoku to Jigoku”~

Looking forward to it~





Good night

see you again ⊿⊿

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