Onward to Spring (2021.03.21)



From Shizuoka Prefecture
I am Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho☺︎




Spring huh〜〜〜




Speaking of spring!


We got new profile pictures✨


As we put on new uniforms


I get the excited feeling that a new story is about to begin






Spring is the season of beginnings
People starting something new,
Entering a new school, a new school semester, or work at a new company


And Sakurazaka46’s new single being released



A season of beginnings


Let’s overcome this together〜!







This uniform is cute but it’s also super easy to move in!

Especially my arms! I can them move around and around✨




The uniforms in the group photos are also mysterious and lovely!


The worldview
Made me feel like I’m a pioneer exploring the country



It reminds me of life in the Jōmon period







The other day while recording for SokoSaku

She kindly chatted with me
and really helped me out!

She’s a truly kind onee-san👸










The other day while I was writing “The Super Mysterious Combi”,


To make sure I didn’t make any mistakes, Kira-chan was standing next to me, lecturing me in a rapid manner on how to write the kanji for “discussion,” but

※tl: 議 (gi)


Then I realized

it became

“The Super Non-Conversation Combi”


The only thing on my mind was “discussion”



※tl: Mysterious Combi – Karin has given Akiho & Kira the nicknames ‘Daifushigi 1′ and ‘Daifushig 2′, roughly meaning “Super Mysterious 1 & 2”

※※tl: Super Non-Conversation Combi: from concentrating so hard on how to write the kanji for discussion, 議 (gi) which is the 3rd kanji in fushigi, she left out the 2nd kanji 思 (shi). The 1st and 3rd kanji don’t make a word together, but this is what it would roughly translate to







Anyway the other day

was our final meet & greet event for the 1st single
Thank you so much!




Each time has been truly fun









※tl: The ‘Numa” in Akiho’s family name, Onuma, means “Swamp”


Even though I didn’t get to meet with you all for real,


I was still able to feel
everybody’s warmth as always

Thank you so very much






Applications are also being accepted for 2nd single meet & greet so


I’d definitely be happy if you’d all come and meet with me
Let’s enjoy ourselves together〜!
I’d like if we could talk about lots of stuff and play together!







Lastly, I’ll write about something that made me happy!!



On the bookshelf
that I introduced on the SokoSaku “Blue Moon Champion” segment,


Ozeki-san noticed she had the same book,
“I’ve learned to live life the way I am”


Turns out, Wani Books

has released a new book, “Don’t wory too hard, Take it easy”


that I’ve gotten✨




The moment we got it, Ozeki-san and I were delighted☀️


I’m honestly so happy about it and I started reading it right away!





There are many things about myself
that I don’t understand very well



While reading this book I was surprised,
there were so many times I found myself saying
“I was like that myself!”


The level of understanding I had for myself before I read and after
was totally different!


It was a book that helped me clear up things I was uncertain about



For anyone who is interested,
please give it a read〜🌱







Thank you for reading until the end




This ended up being a long blog but anyway


This was Akiho🐟







You were caught in a 16cm swamp



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