Blizzard (2023.02.25)

Good evening




[Vlog] Go to Sakura Trip

~Visiting famous cherry blossom spots across the country, and occasional meals in Hokkaido~



It has been published on YouTube ☃️



Blizzard (2023.02.25)




We had the opportunity to

appear in various media forms,

we became covered in snow,

and we had delicious meals,


I fully enjoyed Hokkaido all day long ❄️





The snow was amazing,

and as you can see in the Vlog,

we were having a blast the whole time~‪‪☺︎‬





it made me extremely happy to be in Hokkaido again

since the photo book shooting.







Being able to spend time with Ten-chan,

she’s somehow become so reliable,

she made me laugh all the time,

and above all, she was so cute!!!! 🥰





There were some unexpected incidents too,

even so, those were great memories as well 🙊 LOL







And today at the meet & greet sessions,

I was so happy to hear lots of people’s impressions on it~~






Please watch it by all means










On the day after tomorrow, 27th (Monday) we will have





The live stream tickets

are now available for sale 🎟



I heard a lot of people saying

that they couldn’t get tickets,

so I am happy that we will be able to stream it too!





It seems there will be goods for sale at the venue as well,

so make sure to get them 🧸











And also, the 3rd generation’s “omotenashikai”

will be held on March 5th (Sunday)

the streaming tickets are also available for sale 🌸




They are so very cute

They are Sakurazaka’s youngest children



They’re so cute when they talk to me

that it makes my heart flutter.


Please don’t miss it ☺️










And surprisingly

It’s also been decided that we will hold a spring tour!


The advance reservation for Fanclub lottery

started yesterday ✍🏻



I was happy to hear that many people have applied

from talking to them at the meet & greet sessions too



I will write about

the tour later ‪‪☺︎








See you tomorrow as well in the meet & greet sessions

Thanks for your support!







See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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