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The 5th single, “Sakurazuki”, has been released


The MVs for “Sakurazuki”, “Cool”, and “Natsu no Chikamichi” have also been released


Because of the power all of the Buddies’ response, we were able to deliver the songs far and wide




“Sakurazuki” is a song that I love*


Please watch and listen to it a lot





















“Cool” was the first MV where I was the center



The members talked to me a lot,

I’m so happy to be surrounded by such warmhearted people*







Director Koyama, TAKAHIRO-sensei, the dancers, Remi-san’s team who made the beautiful costumes, and all the staff who were involved in the project…


I was able to give my best with a lot of their support*









“Cool” can spread and shine through the cool measures of Buddies

The coolest of all is Buddies✴︎



















At the end of the shoot, the staff also prepared pork miso soup for us, which warmed us〜〜 🍲


I’ve been addicted to pork miso soup since then… and I think it will become an item I want to eat when I work hard













Tokyu Stream-san


Thank you again for the wonderful exhibition


We got to go and play too!

















I had to make the announcements on the message app but…




Buzz Rhythm-san


CDTV Live! Live!-san




We appeared on these shows!

Thank you very much!










I also appeared on the radio✴︎



Hotto Hitoiki!-san

Kochi Hoshi-san


Thank you very much!









Sarinee *





















“BOMB!” is on sale now and

I am on the cover


















Since it’s February, we also had a Setsubun bean-throwing ceremony 🥜

The sparrow we took pictures with was also cute and friendly 🕊

There’s also a special bonus only available at Seven Net!





Please check it out!







On sale today, Wednesday, February 22nd

I appeared in the gravure for  “BRODY”




I’ll post some more off-shoots!



See you*





Ozono Rei

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