Buddies (2021.03.15)

Good evening~

All the meet & greet for the 1st single were finished yesterday!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the meet & greet🌸

My birthday was close so I received a lot of celebratory messages. I was happy to hear thoughts about the live performances from 2019 to now, as well as the first single. 🎂

Most of all, it was nice to see everyone’s faces and be able to talk one-on-one for the first time in a long time since there hasn’t been a handshake event in a while!

When I saw the faces of the fans who I recognized, I felt as if I had finally met a friend whose contact information had disappeared.

It was possible to participate from anywhere in the country, so I was able to meet people from different places. I am really thankful.

(Fans) got to show their cute pets and lots of their goods. I thought that online is amazing.

It was so much fun every time!

Thank you very much🤍

And Rikopi graduated yesterday. 💐

When Rikopi entered Keyakizaka as 2nd generation, she was able to get along with the 1st generation very quickly.

She was easy to talk with and funny, and I laughed a lot when I talk with Rikopi.

We were not very good at the same things and encouraged each other, and had many serious conversations too.

We also did a magazine shoot together.

There was a time when I was afraid to walk down an unfamiliar street alone at night, so you walked me back to the station.

After becoming Sakurazaka46, I was in a symmetrical position with Rikopi on the 1st single.

We memorized the choreography, did voice training, and recording together.

At the Buddies MV shooting, only the 2 of us danced to a full song and we were not given a specific position on where to stand.

I asked, “what should we do?”

Rikopi replied, “I want to dance facing each other.”

It was fun to dance facing each other.

In the parts where there was no set choreography, we held hands naturally.

When we saw the finished MV of Buddies together with the members for the first time, we were so happy to see that the parts where the two of us danced together and held hands were used, that we went “we did it!”

From now on, every time I listen to “Buddies”, I will remember memories with Rikopi.

It made me really happy when she said that she had always wanted to be in Keyakizaka from the beginning and that she loved Keyakizaka.

I wish we could have worked together more, but I will support the path that Rikopi has decided to take.

For about two and a half years, thank you🐰♡

And I’ll continue to be in your care.





A photo when we first met

A photo during the 2020 Kouhaku

A photo from the day of the 1st single jacket shoot

A photo from the day of Buddies MV shoot

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