Butterfly (2023.08.11)



Butterfly (2023.08.11)


The weather is hot every day~~



This year, I bought some products
to protect from the summer heat ‪‪☺︎



Things like an electric fan that can be hanged around the neck,
and also, a cooling spray that reduces the temperature a lot!

Using a parasol during the day is indispensable… 🫠




The evolution of goods to protect against heat is amazing,
so I’d like to try buying
some interesting things



If anyone has something nice in mind
that you would recommend,
please let me know 🌊




I had the opportunity to go the theater to watch the following stage play

“Kakushi toride san akunin”
[T/N: also known as “The Hidden Fortress”]



I’ve been constantly looking
at Yuipon-san
who goes back and forth
from practice
to group activities,

When I see seniors shining during stage plays,
I just couldn’t take my eyes off of
their strong and cool appearance.



Thank you so much for the fun time!






To be hold in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Japan Expo Malaysia 2023”


It’s been announced that
we will make an appearance 🇲🇾‪‪❤︎





After Paris,
I’m very happy that we will be able
to challenge something like this again
and that we can go meet with the Buddies.



Sakurazaka46’s performance will be
on Saturday August 19th at 17:00 local time 🕰



I’m looking forward to it! We’ll do our best!
Thanks a lot for your support!






Having said that,
there will be a lot of festivals
where we will be participating during August~~





On the 19th JAPAN EXPO Malaysia 2023

On the 23rd Seventeen Summer School Festival 2023

On the 27th Love it! Rock 2023



Summer is far from over~!

We will be looking forward to your participation 🧸🥁









All the days of the “Start Over!” individual meet & greet sessions
have been completed 🌵


Thank you so much
for everyone who participated!



And finally, this weekend,
we will have the real meet & greet ( ◜◡◝ )


We have this “how to” video,
so please refer to it for more information if you’d like 🤳






“TGC 2023 A/W” will be held on September 2nd

I will make an appearance in it 👠

I will be looking forward to your support (´Д` )






I feel very grateful for
the fulfilling days we’re having.


Before we realize, November will arrive very soon,
so we’re going to have the Anniversary Live
at the ZOZO Marines Stadium very soon…! 💃🏻


It will be our first concert at a stadium,
it’s been a long time since we have an independent concert like this,
even if we are aiming for that, we must work hard with the things we have today!





Well then, I’ll write again




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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