It was so lovely!!! Luv! (2023.08.11)


Kojima Nagisa here! I’m 18 years old and from Nagano.




Several days ago, I had my fringes cut~

I wonder if there are those who realized how short it became?

It’s awesome if you did!!




Perhaps then you’ll be able to pass “Kojima Nagisa aptitude test level 1” ehehe

I think so far it was only my family and the other 3rd gens who noticed it.





And also!!!

Riko (Endo Riko) cut her hair as well ✂️




I’m among the first ones who met her after she cut her hair.

She was afraid that she cut it too much and felt shy about it. It was cute.




I do want to see Riko with long hair, but the current style suits her perfectly!




It accelerates her cuteness even more 👶🏻




Both hair style will surely suit her 100%. I hope I can see the long hair version in a few years~ 💭






About staying over in Miu’s place

I talked about in front of the fixed cam during meet & greet, but I went to stay the night at Miu’s house!

It was so comforting with all the cute dolls around~




We layed on the same bed and talked about a lot of things. We didn’t even say goodnight but ended up sleeping at one point. I was so happy.



I’m incredibly bad at waking up early in the morning, but Miu is always there to wake me up. You might not believe it, but Miu is such a morning person.


Really, she’s amazing.




I won’t wake up unless I set an alarm every 5 minutes within an hour period, so instead Miu always come to the rescue.

Thank you as always!







Miu whos’s cool and pretty.

She praised me a lot, calling me cute.

She always recognized any small changes that happened with me.

She was also the first one who realized that I cut my fringes 🤍








August 5th & 6th

Through those two days, all the meet and greets for the 6th single “Start Over” were finally over!

I received a lot of love as well this time ❤︎

Also, I’m very happy because I feel that we got to know each other better, compared to the last time!




I hope that talking and having fun together with me gave you something to live for, even for just a bit.




To me, it was such a fun and fulfilling moment!


How was it for you all?




Let’s have fun together again in the next meet & greet 🌸

For those who couldn’t come this time, we’ll meet up some other time for sure!!

I’m looking forward for that day to come!




Thank you for all of you who support me and telling me that you love me.

I love you all~!!!




Also, on the last day, I wore the yukata like I have always wished for~!




Really, it was a moment that I’ve been waiting all along,,,




Rika (Ishimori Rika) said “There are people who won’t be able to come to the real (in-person) meet & greet, so won’t you wear a yukata together with me just for the last one?”. I was moved by her thoughtfulness that I decided to wear one as well!




I said that “I want to wear a yukata” all the time, that it sounds like a catchphrase. So, I’m really happy that it came true.




But even though I said that I will wear it, I couldn’t dress myself up no matter how many times I watch tutorial videos about it. Instead, Rika did everything for me. Thank you so much!!




Rika is really good at dressing up. She dressed me up cutely so fast that I couldn’t follow her movements. I’m so thankful for her.



Rika looked so cute in her yukata as well~ 👶🏻

We took lots of pictures together ✌️




August 13th

The day for the real meet & greet is getting closer!!

I can’t wait~!!




There was the “sending off” event during the Omotenashi-kai that I got to meet some of you for real, but this would be the first time for us to talk directly.

I believe there will be some who have always come to the concerts and meet & greet before, but there might be some who I will meet for the first time. Don’t be nervous, everything is fine~!!




If you’re not sure or having trouble on what to say, just a “KonNagi~!” or “Yahoo~!” is enough for us to be friends 🤝



Also I’m worried about the weather,,, I believe some will prepare themselves to look cute and cool on that day, so I hope that I can utilize my skill to bring the sunshine around,,,





In our official Youtube channel, our seniors have uploaded a lecture video titled “Learn in 1-minute – How to do Real Meet & Greet”. Please use it as reference as well!





Finally, we will meet~

I’ll be waiting for you with my pairing, Ishimori Rika-chan!!

To Rika’s fans, I’ll be in your care too
















Q&A Corner

① What would you always eat when there’s a festival?

Shaved ice 🍧


I love it so much that I would even eat it when it’s not summer!



Nothing can beat it in summer, right??!!

I’d certainly eat it in summer festivals, but also those that are served in school festivals!

Also, I don’t always get these, but I like yakisoba and takoyaki as well




I wonder how the food stalls are like in festivals recently~

I guess they are following the recent trends.




When I asked my family, apparently, I went to lots of festivals in the past. However, I really had no memories from my childhood,,,




Things that I remember are so fragmented and they really don’t matter (I’m joking. That’s not true, ehehe). It’s kind of frustrating that I cannot recall anything.





Writing all of these makes me wonder if the rush for festivals are coming to an end now? It feels a bit sad thinking how it’s ending soon.





I don’t like the heat, but I believe there are many things that we can do only under the blue sky in summer, so I hope you all enjoy it to your heart’s content!!




The summer in year 2023 only happens once!




I’m also having lots of festivals and meet & greets, so I will do my best to enjoy this summer without any regrets ✊🏻






② You called Reina-chan as “Young Lady” in your blog. Can you tell me the reasoning behind that nickname~?


I just called her that on my own volition! hehe


The first time I called her that, she didn’t even make any retorts.

I do use that nickname veeery seldom.


There was no specific reason, but through her mannerism, surprising choice of words at times, and stories she’d tell just made me feel like she has a befitting image of a Young Lady.



I had this feeling ever since we met for the first time, so perhaps the thought is already implanted in my mind,,,





I forgot to write this in my blog last time, but Reina had her birthday on July 25th!!

I’m so sorry for being late,,


Reina~ Happy birthday~!!


I hope your 19th year will be a great one as well!



The ReiNyagi “same age week” has ended…

She’s one year older, but she has been treating me like we are the same age.

Whenever I’m fooling around, she would always be joining in.

She’s always serious about things and stay positive, so it gives me the motivation and energy.




Day by day she studies, doing both work as an idol and taking care of her studies every day. I feel great respect for her from the bottom of my heart. She’s my beloved buddy ❤︎




I was unsure about what to give her as a present~

My indecisiveness would be triggered in times like this. I’m always unsure of it every time, that on a rare occasion it lasted for a year…




Uhh, there are also other girls that have celebrated their birthday, but I have yet to give anything to them, you know,,,



Even though it takes time, I hope that I could find a nice present for them, at least one day before their birthday on the following year~






③ What do you want to quit from after turning 18?

Yet one more thing about birthdays!

The thing I want to quit from this year is falling asleep while doing something else!


No matter what I do, the sleepiness always win once I get in bed…



It’s a very good thing to be able to sleep easily, but there are times it felt like “It’s not time yet”, but still I ended up sleeping ( ; ; )




The bed is what I loved the most in my room, and I’m proud to say that I spent most of the time in my life in a bed…

However, I’m really looking for a solution right now, so please tell me should you have some recommendations (seriously)



I’ll keep it at 3 for today.


I’ll go to sleep before I fall asleep! That shouldn’t count, right!!


Tomorrow is Airi’s turn (Taniguchi Airi)!

During the meet & greet in July 29th and 30th, she wrote a message to support me along with a drawing of a cute doggie.


It was so lovely!!! Luv!


Look for Airi’s message!!!!






Wait a second, I just realized that it’s a cat. Sorry Airi,,,




Have a good night~ Bye-bye



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