Celebration (2022.07.29)

Good evening




On Sunday, July 31st, from 22:00
I will make an appearance on

the Tokyo TV variety show “Ariyoshi eeeee! ~ sou da! Ima kara omaen chi de gemu shinai? (Ariyoshi eeeee!~ that’s right! Shall we play a game now?)”

I played
Human Fall Flat~~

The segment where we walk around the town
is something I always enjoy🚶‍♀️

Please watch it~






On Tuesday, August 2nd, from 23:56
I will make an appearance together with Ten-chan

In MBS’s daily “Gobugobu (even match) ”.


Celebration (2022.07.29)



Surprisingly, we did a location shoot while wearing yukatas
in our hometown, Osaka〜〜


I was happy that I was able to experience a summer-like feeling
together with Hamada-san and Ten-chan 👘


I want to go back to Osaka again~


I will keep doing my best
to be able to go even if it’s for work 🐙!





On Wednesday, August 3rd, from 19:00
there’s the TV Asahi’s “Aitsu ima nani shiteru? (What is that person doing now?) 2-hour special”


I was so so moved…


When things have settled,
I must definitely meet again with
my former classmates and people who I am grateful to


It was a heart-warming time ☺️






On Wednesday August 3rd, from 22:00
I will be making an appearance together with Rei-chan!


in the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting “Rekomen” radio show


A few days ago, I had the opportunity to be invited,
and now I am going again~ 🦖LOL


It will be on the album release day,
so let’s all get excited together ‪‪☺︎






Tomorrow Saturday, July 30th, from 10:30
I will make an appearance on
Nippon TV’s “Zeroichi”!


This is a show I’ve always watched
so I’m extremely happy 🥺


I’m nervous, but I will do my best!!!


It will be a live broadcast tomorrow, so please watch it ☺︎







We had a photo session for
the magazines in the album display area at the stores.
The individual promotional photos are also tailored to the album.


Please check it out 🌷




The details about the
“As you know?” CD purchaser’s special lottery application
are also available.



I will be able to meet you all,
because it seems there will be an event too…!


I’m nervous 😳 and also looking forward to it.






A video digest of the 1st Tour,
which is the album’s bonus footage,
has been published.




Somehow, it feels nostalgic…


Concerts are really nice.






A few days ago,
we did a SHOWROOM relay to celebrate the release of the album
Thank you so much.



We took a look at the finished album,
we read the comments and talked about it,
it was a fun relaxing time~~



The relay is still ongoing,
so please check it out by all means 🌸










It has been decided that the W-KEYAKI FES.2022
which had been previously cancelled ,


will take place on a different date!!!!



And this time,
it will also be held at the
Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest.



I am extremely grateful
to all the Buddies
who sent us their warm thoughts,
and for the collaboration of so many people
to make this performance possible.



Since the date will change,
perhaps some of you will have to arrange for a day off again,
lodging and transportation costs too…


I’m really thankful to all of you…


We will do our best
so that we are able to hold a concert
that can properly meet
your expectations and feelings.




Please look forward to it.





During the 2nd day,
we will have Ozeki-san and Harada-san’s
graduation ceremony.


Live-streaming will also be available, so please check it out by all means. 🌸





Before that,
we will also have the Rock in Japan Festival!


It’s so very hot these days but,
I want to enjoy the summer festival
while taking care of myself ☺︎





I wonder if I missed something…
But it should be fine.






Hono is the same as usual!
And I hope everyone is doing fine too!



Well then, see you tomorrow on “Zeroichi” ☺︎


Ah, I cut my bangs



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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