Set (2022.07.31)

Hello ☺️



Yesterday I appeared on



It was such a happy moment…
Thank you so much.



It seems Hii-chan
was watching it too,
so she contacted me ☺︎
it made me so happy~~


I came across a shoebill bird on the set,
and thought about sending it to Hii-chan,
but I forgot about the photo…


Set (2022.07.31)

It’s a beauty looking back over her shoulders.




On Wednesday, August 3rd, from 19:00
the streaming will also be available on TVer!


For those in different regions who were unable to watch it,
if you’d like, please watch it from here ☺︎




There are also photos
for Zeroichi’s SNSI really liked the two-shot together with Fuwachan-san,
so please take a look 🫶





The studio was really fun and kind.

I love “Zeroichi” ~










The members who sang the new songs included
in the Sakurazaka46’s 1st album “As you know?”
have been announced 🌸



I received a unit song for the first time!



I’m happy… thank you so much.



“Zutto haru dattara naa”
It’s a 3-member unit
together with Inoue and Rei-chan,
I love this song so much…


I can’t help listening to it over and over 🫢


Please look forward to it.





on Monday, August 1st, from 22:00
in “Rekomen!” the song “Jouken hansha de nakete kuru”
will be aired for the first time 🎧



Wow, I love this song.


Just how many times have I listened to it? … 😮‍💨




I hope everyone
likes it too.










Tonight, Sunday, July 31st, from 23:00
I will make an appearance on


The Nippon Broadcasting System’s radio show “Sakurazaka46 Kochira Yurakucho Hoshizora Housoukyoku” 🌟


There will be official bromides too,
so if you’d like please get them~




On Saturday, August 6th, from 18:00
we will have the opportunity to perform “Masatsukeisuu”


on the Fuji TV show “MUSIC FAIR”.


I’m excited. Please watch it 😳







The Tokyo Calendar magazine Web-limited shot
has been revealed.


I want to go to the beach again 🌊






Tonight, there’s
“Ariyoshi eeeee!” and
“Soko magattara,  Sakurazaka?”


I look forward to support there as well 🐢




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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