Collab (2022.04.23)

Good evening!


For the Aeon Card’s official Youtube channel’s series
“Habu Game Vol. 2”


Collab (2022.04.23)



I had the opportunity to make an appearance 🍹♡




This time with bartender Habu-san as the MC,
we had delicious drinks
and played lots of games
it was an extremely fun time ( ˙ᵕ​˙ )



The styling was also lovely and
my hairstyle had an unusual feel to it as well…



Please watch it by all means 🐝







Today Saturday April 23th,


📻 from 17:00
I will be in Tokyo FM’s “Saturday’s Eureka”



🎤 from 18:00
I will be in Fuji TV’s “MUSIC FAIR”



📺 from 24:05
I will be in ABC TV’s “Captured by the Security Camera! Shocking Skit Videos”



I’ll have the opportunity to make an appearance in all of these ☺️
Thank you very much…!





Next time I will also share off-shots from
the “RAY” magazine 📕
which is currently on sale~





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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