Meet and Greet (2022.04.19)



Thank you very much for opening up my blog
I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira 🐱
Meet and Greet (2022.04.19)
Thank you very much for the meet and greet on 4/17!
This day I wore cat ears the whole day〜
Since the clothes I wore had a cat on them 🐱
Sugai-san who wore matching cat ears with me🐱
Thank you very much!
It’s very cute🥺
It seems the horses have gotten a lot closer together🐴☺️
I only noticed it after seeing the photo, but the small ribbon at the bottom of her neck is cute〜🎀
Karahou (colourful)
I was able to have very fun talks the past two days!
As always, I’m very grateful😌
There are still meet and greet slots available for those balloting through the buyer application lottery, so please be sure to come and have fun with us〜
Let’s have a fun time this week as well 🤝
Thank you very much for reading until the end
Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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