Comrade (2022.07.25)





W-KEYAKI FES.2022 was scheduled

to be held for 4 days starting from July 21st


Due to impact of the Coronavirus,

the 2 days of Sakurazaka performances which were

scheduled for the 22nd and 24th have been cancelled.




To everyone who was looking forward to the live,

I’m sure that there was a lot of preparation for this day,

both physically and mentally.


And to suddenly have a very unfortunate announcement like this,

I’m really sorry about this…






The members themselves are also frustrated,

they are very downhearted

by the situation, however


For sure, together with all the members in healthy condition,

we want to stand in front of you again,

I hope you can wait for us until that day…


We are also looking forward to

the day we can meet with all the fans again

with a smile.








Right now, I wish for the recovery of our important members,

while I am searching for what I can do by myself,

I want to wait for everyone.



I wish for all of them

to take a very good rest 😌










Thank you so much to all of you

who enjoyed the SakuHina Festival! 🏮



I’m sure it was extremely hot…

Are you all feeling well??



Even in the letters,

I received reports from some of those who dropped by,

and they even sent pictures of the venue,


Thanks to everyone,

I was also able to savor the atmosphere,

but above all, I was extremely happy

that you were all able to enjoy it.


I’m glad ☺️






Comrade (2022.07.25)



I tried searching for summer-like photos! 👘

These are from Uni’s On Air ~





The hot days will still continue for some time,

so while being careful about heatstroke and infectious diseases,

please also take good care of yourself,

and please be careful about your physical condition as well.











In the radio show “Rekomen!” where Marina-chan

appears as a regular every week


I will be filling in for her tonight as her substitute.



Marina-chan! I’m off now!



I hope it becomes

a fun time ✊‪‪☺︎




We will be receiving questions,

and you can call us directly,

we will have various segments,

so if you’d like please send us an email 🌷




Today from 23:40,

see you in the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting~








The lead song “Masatsukeisu” from

our 1st album, “As you know?”


is now available via advanced streaming 🎧




Wah~! Finally, it’s possible to listen to it on subscription services!

I’m happy…I’m moved.






is running a promotion campaign starting today,

so make sure to check it out too ☺︎





And also, everyone,

please make sure to stop by for a visit

at the Tokyu Shibuya Stream 🌊


I’m really grateful…

Next time, I want to report about it with more details…!!!!










On Thursday July 28th, from 19:58

I will make an appearance


on the TV Tokyo variety show “Ariyoshi no Sekai Douji Chuukei ~ Ima, socchitte dou nattemasu ka? (Ariyoshi’s Simultaneous Live Broadcast ~ What’s happening over there now?)” 🌎


This is my second time appearing on this show! I’m happy ( .. )



Please take a look by all means~




On Sunday July 31st from 21:54

I will also make an appearance on


The TV Tokyo variety show “Ariyoshi eeeee! ~ sou da! Ima kara omaen chi de gemu shinai? (Ariyoshi eeeee! that’s right! Shall we play a game?)” 🎮



This time, the game will be

Human: Fall Flat!


Everyone who has watched

my appearances until now,

are you perhaps a bit worried? lol


I think you would probably be.


And now,

has Tamu been able to improve?

Or perhaps… 🫠



Check it out!



Were you able to watch

“Ura Torechaimashita (I was able to film the hidden side)”?


I want to meet them again. 🐶😔





I will write again~



See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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