SHOWROOM 2Days (2022.07.29)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒



I have an announcement for everyone.

Today, July 29th(Friday), at 21:00〜

I will be streaming a Release Commemoration SHOWROOM for my 1st photobook ✊🏻🫰🏻🖐🏻


The SHOWROOM limited edition bonus for this time is
something different from the usual
It will be a certain something that’s going to be exciting… 🥰

A certain something? What could it be…

Excited ♡


Please look forward to it by all means〜

Ah! Yet another thing to look forward to…

I’m waiting for 21:00 ♡






For our first album “As you know?”
the MV for the lead song “Masatsukeisu”
has exceeded 2 million views 👏🏻


I am very happy that
so many people have seen it.


Thank you very much.






The theme this time is
“Wildness” and “Reason”


Between “Wildness” and “Reason”
which team am I performing with?


Please try to look for it.




Starting from 26th July,
for “As you know?”
we will be having a Release Commemoration SHOWROOM relayー


Tomorrow, July 30th at 20:00〜

Yui-chan, Marino-chan and I
the 3 of us will be streaming✨



This time, the theme for the 3 of us will be
“My recommended local specialties! Are these!”
Please tell us on the official Twitter
about the local specialties you’re proud of.


I would be happy if you would come and watch!


See ya〜



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