Confined (2022.02.03)

Good evening.


I’ve recorded too many dorama and anime from this season, I’ve been extremely busy recently. ‪‪☺︎


I wanted to watch all of them, so while been pressed every day, I am happy I was able to have lots of fun!


There’s also a lot of movies that I want to watch.

And there’s also many that I wasn’t able to watch. 🥲


Confidence Man JP’s theme song is very amazing this time too, I listen to it every day… 🏃


Confined (2022.02.03)

Of course, the album too.


In the morning I listen to “Filament” and in the evening to “Bedroom Talk”. Entrusting my mind and heart to it, it makes me feel relaxed every day.


I like all the songs!!!!


This was my favorite novel from January.


Absolutely everything in it was connected to something at some point.


In a world where the scenes that floated inside my mind could hardly be more pleasant than this.


Fleetingly, I finished reading it in just a few of hours…


I’m sure I’ll read it again. ☕


I was only able to read 2.5 books in January, so I want to read 4 books in February. The ideal would be 5 books. It would be nice if I could read them.


There are many things I want to watch, things that I want to listen to, things that I want to read, I’m a very greedy person. ☺︎


“Love it!”

Thank so much for this week too. ☺︎🐰


When I meet with the members and the make-up artists in the site after the live broadcast, and they tell me “I watched it!” …it makes me happy. It’s very kind of them. 😳


In the same way, being able to appear every week in a TV program that I like so much, it’s something I’m really grateful for.


All of the co-stars are also very kind, it’s very fun. ♡


And today, it’s the birthday of both Kawashima-san who is Kirin’s MC, and also the birthday of Tamura Anna! to whom I am greatly indebted for.


Congratulations 🎂


Since the first day, they talked to me in a kind way, and that’s how I came to know about the warmth in “Love it!”.


In this manner, it’s an honor to be able to appear together with them every week.


Everyone is waiting for the return of these two, whom we like so much. 🐰♡



In TVer after the broadcast, there will be an advance delivery of the opening talk and the missed-program webcast will be available too. 🌷


So of course, for those who missed it, I’m happy that you will be able to watch it.  ☺︎


Please check it out, by all means.


Next Wednesday, we will also deliver in a fun and lively way, so if it’s okay with you, let’s spend the morning together. ☺️


A few days ago, Harada-san announced her graduation from the group.


She is always bright, lively, and she is equally kind to everyone, she is the Harada-san who is loved by everyone.


Her smile is always overflowing around her, since the time I first met with such aura, I’ve also experienced receiving support from it.


When I heard that she has a new objective that she wants to achieve, I thought that this is really cool of her…


So that I can support her, I want to spend this time with great care until the end, in order to avoid having regrets.


Thank you!


See you!


Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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