Dead end (2021.09.25)



Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation Morita Hikaru 🌱




On the other day, the MV for “Dead end”
has been released!



We released it in advance on the first day of
Aichi tour performance!





This time too, we all watched your
reactions together~


Just as before, it made me feel happy…



After it ended, I shouted
“Thank you!” loudly
but I wonder if anyone heard it. Lol






It’s released on Sakurazaka46’s Official YouTube channel
so by all means, please give it a look 🌸







This time, it is directed by
Director Kato Hidejin



We worked together in 1st and 2nd single,
so I felt happy to know that we will be working together again.


We talked a lot
during the MV filming.

It’s interesting to talk with Director Kato ^ ^


Thank you as always!




I’d be truly happy
if the feelings Director Kato entrusted to me
and the feelings toward this MV could be conveyed through the video…









Everyone in the production team!


Truly thank you very much,
for (working) from early morning until late at night!

It is thanks to the support of many people
such as the wonderful video, set, lighting, costumes, makeup, and choreography,
that we could exist.



And this time,
we were also helped by the extras!

Thank you very much ^ ^







I think this might be the last time in life
I’ll experience sitting on a traffic light 🚦 lol

It was fun~








Inoue 🦒




Kira-chan, Fuyuka-san!









I got her to put on the sunglasses~
It really suits her! 🕶




Grassland, the wind was strong 🌿




As for the costume, Remi-san
gave each person a different styling!

It suits everyone, and it’s all attractive clothing
so I hope that you can pay attention to it~


Thank you very much!






It’s cola flavored~




I wore a lot of sunglasses,
and picked this one~

The color of the frame is exquisite and stylish 🙂






And I changed my hair styling
and make-up this time.

It’s actually tied if you see my back~




I want to show something new to the people who watch,
so I tried various things.

I wonder how did that go…? (° °)








Once again, I hope that the 3rd single
could reach many people 🌸





Well then, that’s it for today…

Thank you very much for reading until the end!





The end 🌱





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