INORI BLOG (2021.09.28)


This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.





Have you watched the MV for “Dead End”?



On the first day of our show for the 1st Tour in Aichi, the MV was released publicly for the first time!

The people in the venue were moving their penlights and stick baloons in sync along with the “Dead!” and “end!” in the chorus. Hopefully, it can be a song which can liven up the atmosphere during Lives!



Perhaps we can shout those lines together as well, once it is possible to let your voice out during Lives.

I can’t wait!



During the shooting for the MV, I was very impressed with the last scene where we were in such a vast meadow!


I danced powerfully, making sure not to lose with the strong wind.


There was this scene where we throw away our outerwears. During the practice for that scene, the outerwear that Hono-chan threw hit me straight in the face and covering it up. We were laughing like crazy www.


Guess I had a good luck www



You can sense how strong the wind is, right?


I really like this styling with the green pants.
Does it look good on me~?






O-Ten-san! (weird how she called Ten with “san”, but Kira with “chan” >_<)



Risa-san! (wonder if Risa remembers that she is Inori’s oshimen >_<)



I wish the works by Sakurazaka will reach out to a lot of people.



Well then, that’s about it for today




Can you guess who is beside me~?



Thank you for reading up until the end.


Bye~bye 🦒


Inoue Rina



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