Deep color (2021.11.29)

Good evening~



Today is the birthday
of our captain Yukka-san 🎂



When Yukka-san is smiling,
I end up being infected with a smile too. ☺️



Thank you so much
as always for everything ( ◜◡◝ )


I love you~!!! ☺︎





Yesterday, we finished
the 3rd single’s
individual meet & greet sessions.



Deep color (2021.11.29)






Really thank you
so much 😌



I had fun~~






I feel like I did nothing but receive,
so I feel I must make sure to give back too.


I feel very fired up
toward the last spurt of this year…!






Thank you as always,
I really appreciate it.






We still have the CD limited nationwide meet & greet sessions
and the special event left for this year,
so I’ll be looking forward to your support. 🏃



Tomorrow Tuesday, November 30th,
we will have the 3rd single purchaser limited only mini-live.


On Wednesday, December 1st,
we will have 2021 FNS Song Festival 1st Night


On Thursday, December 9th,
we will have the 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE



Yeah, that’s how it is.



So, I wonder if I should write about this?



Well, check it out~!!!!












I am happy that girls have been asking me about cosmetics,
so I’ve been thinking for a long time
that I will definitely talk about it someday… 🙇



There were very cute cosmetics that I had the opportunity
to use yesterday during the meet & greets,
so I thought that this is the right time,
therefore, I would like to introduce them to you.



From the left


Lipstick 😽💄
・Rouge Dior Forever Liquid 558
・RMK Translucent Gloss


Eye shadow 😼🎨
・Rosewood Daydream 4 Eyes ~ 02



Those are all the cosmetics from the make-up artist.



(Some may be limited editions 🙇)






I am very pleased with the lipstick,
so today I borrowed from it as well  ( ◜◡◝ )


The Dior one is very rose-like,
and the RMK feels like a red
with a see-through sensation. 🥀





About the eye shadow,
it’s a bit reddish and sparkling,
I wanted to make it feel Christmas-like 🎄,
so I requested for it.
(Is it a bit too soon? 😶)



I think they applied on me
the rose-pink palette on the upper left!


The gold pearls
were extremely cute as well~~


When it’s a photo,
I think the color might change a bit (´ ・ ֊ ・ `)






The ANNA SUI’s custom eye shadow
that the make-up artist used
for today at work,
was extremely cute as well ~ ☺️






Everyone, did you all get your
Christmas make-up sets already? 🎅🏻🌟

It’s cute so you can’t help but want to have it~




If you all have any recommendations,
please let me know 😻









Because everyone is here,
and because it’s fun to be with everyone,
I felt like I can do my best
today as well. 🌸




Tomorrow I will do my best too ☺︎



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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