INORI BLOG (2021.11.29)



This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.


The Meet & Greet yesterday marked the end of all the Meet & Greet sessions for the 3rd Single.


I’m sad that it has ended, but throughout this promotional period, I have received a lot of strength from you all 🙂
Many thanks to all of you.



I was also being teased a lot regarding the orange juices. www


Aah, that was really upsetting. www

(in Soko Magattara Sakurazaka 2021/11/21, she proclaimed that she is the Queen of Orange Juice, because she can differentiate every orange juice brand by their taste / looks only. She ended up failing really hard >_<)


After the recording of that SokoSaku episode, I received a lot of orange juices that were prepared but ended up unused for the recording, and then seriously compared how they taste at home!


Perhaps I will be the Queen, someday~??


During the Meet & Greet this time around, I also took lots of pictures, so I will make sure to post them soon on the blog or mobame!



I also received a lot of positive feedback through Meet & Greet and fan letters regarding my appearance in ChocoPla CUP back the other day!



The video on demand is available on ABEMA, so please have a watch!



I took a snap in front of the Christmas tree
Do you know which CUP is this~ ??





This one is for the CUP of  “A young baseball player who dashes joyfully”!
Tomorrow’s match is in the bag!




Oh, and thanks for those who came and watched the live stream for Lawson’s special event!



Otenki Nori-san came and served as the MC this time!
Thank you very much!


During the event, we were split into teams and played games!


I was in a pair with Uemura-san!
We didn’t manage to win, but everyone was having a really great time together!


Together with a beautiful night view~

Apparently Karaage-kun is a fairy~
How cute~

(Karaage-kun is Lawson mascot character for their fried chicken (karaage) product. Lawson’s fried chicken is considered one of the best in Japan, which everyone can easily get)





I got a Hono’s signature!


I will display this Karaage-kun in my house and take good care of it~!





Well then, that’s about it for today,


Such a beautiful picture~!




Thank you for reading up until the end.





Bye~bye 🦒



Inoue Rina


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