Happy things (2021.11.26)

Good evening πŸŒ™


How are you?

I am doing good as always☺︎





Recently, the staff at the various workplace
has been drawing a horse as my mark 🐴


A horse on the part of a machine that controls the volume of my voice



A horse on the cap of plastic bottle



It makes me somewhat happy πŸ₯•
Thank you very much


“Donguri-chan”, the big horse doll that I received from Sportiva-san who interviewed me before,
has become a new home for Tomu πŸ’­




I’m glad that you have found a good place!



Isn’t he too cute!!

I hope you can be good friends with Donguri-chan from now on!🌰




I am very happy
with how recently we’ve been appearing in many music shows


On the other day, we appeared on “Best Artist 2021” 🎀

How was our performance of “BAN” after a long while?



It was touched upon during the talk session,
but paralympian Suzuki Takayuki who participated in this year’s swimming paralympic,
and achieved the great success of winning 5 medals,
apparently listened to Sakurazaka46 songs before his game(s)!!


Suzuki-san’s superb swimming also touched me very much.


I am sure that he must’ve made extraordinary efforts
to reach the paralympic.

I am glad that our music could be a source of power even just for a little bit ✨


We took a picture together after our performance!!

He was such a friendly person, and it was a pleasure to be able to talk with him.


we were even allowed to put on his precious medals πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰



It was heavier than I imagined it would.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you very much,
for giving us this precious experience✨

From now on too, please allow us to cheer for you from the shadows!




In Best Artist
I also participated in Go Hiromi-san x Sakamichi555 Senbatsu

I danced “240 Million Eyes” with Go Hiromi-san

It was fun to dance the mature and graceful choreography
that is different from usual


When I was a child, when I take bath together with my family in the bathtub,
when it becomes hot we would sing “GOLDFINGER’99” while doing the hand gesture πŸ”₯

To be able to perform with that Go Hiromi-san,
has become an unforgettable day for me ✨



Thank you very much!








At 28th November from 2030PM JST~
I will be doing SHOWROOM, my first after a year ✨

It will be after meguri
but I’d be happy if you could give it a visit ☺️

Although it’s personal matter, I will be turning 26 on 29th November


I will talk about the past year
and will be answering comments, requests, and questions…

I’d like to thoroughly enjoy my time with you πŸ™‚


Let’s have a toast together at the end of the week πŸ₯‚

I will be in your care☺︎



First, I’d like to look forward
to be able to talk with you in meguri this weekend ✨




The pre-order for Fanclub Limited 2022 calendars have started ✨


There are 3 types!
Wall calendar (Large / B2)
Wall calendar (Medium / A4 spread)
Desk calendar (A5)

They each have a different theme and pictures!


By the way, for the wall calendar, I am in assigned to May together with Kira-chan πŸ’š



Thanks to Kira-chan, it became a photoshoot that is filled with burst of laughter


It seems that there are also pre-order bonuses
so by all means, please do give it a check ✨









We are already entering the Christmas season πŸŽ„



We too, have decorated the tree at our house✩.*˚



Well then, see you again✨






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