Even though it’s still July, every day I’m already looking forward to Christmas… It’s not that there’s anything special about it, I just like the city’s atmosphere around Christmas time, when everyone is smiling and seemingly enjoying themselves. Well, that’s a conversation for 5 months from now It’s Yamashita Shizuki (2023.07.05)





I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto





Thank you very much for the meet & greet on 2nd July. There were times when I met those I haven’t met for a long while and felt nostalgic about it, and there were also many times when I met new people. I had a lot of fun

In one of my first blogs, I said that I’ll take the lead when meeting someone who is not good at speaking…


But that’s something that hasn’t gone too well
I think there were also a lot of times that you all bailed me out during the conversation… Thank you very much ( ¨̮ )





And starting from this single, 3rd generation members are allowed to arrange their hair. I immediately tried to style my hair to a half-twin as requested…
But I got so nervous that I asked Airi to arrange her hair the same way~


I did this half-twintail thinking “This is something that I’ll do just this once…” so please take a final look at it…








On Rika’s blog, she wrote about “Kinokoshiー”
But the correct way to write it is “Kinokoshii”…
Allow me to correctly explain where it comes from
Please look at seasonings label that has mushroom (shiitake) in it


It’s perfectly cut off right there…
When I looked at this, I thought, “what is kinokoshii”…
but when I looked it closely it was just kinoko (shiitake)
With this context, on that lesson day, I said, “Isn’t “Kinokoshii” cute?”
Well, that’s how it was






All the flower bouquets from the tour… Thank you very, very much
Every one of them makes me so happy that I cherish them by saving them on my phone album



[t/n: Thank you so much for all the wonderful flowers. They all live in my photo album now. I cherish them all. 🙂 The writing in the pictures might be really hard to read. But I wanted to make all of the flowers as visible as possible! Seeing all the flowers I received, I will continue to work hard. Thank you.]



It’ll be difficult to read the text if I put them all in one picture (Yamasahita made the mistake of choosing a pink background which makes the text difficult to read), so please enlarge the pictures and find yours…


Thank you very much for both the flowers addressed to me and to the other 3rd generation members
I would like to return the favor through my activities, without forgetting the gratitude I have received ( ¨̮ )







And then…
I finally picked up a bunch of your letters that I hadn’t yet been able to get around to picking up    And I’ve already read a lot of them. 
So I’m sorry for reading your letters that were sent in past periods, such as during the tour… Thank you very much for always sending many letters. I enjoyed reading these ones as well

There are always a lot of people who write questions for the blog in their letters, so please let me answer many of them on this blog 🐻


Well then…



・Sakurazaka Channel has been opened. What kind of thing does Shizuki-chan want to do as an individual and together with the 3rd generation members?


There are a lot of things that I’d like to do~
Personally, I’d like to try making a video about crane game, or a video of me eating a kaedama of my beloved Ichiran ramen ( ¨̮ )
As for with 3rd generation members, I’d like to play a competitive game of baseball or have an athletic meet
[t/n: kaedama is when you finish the noodles for your ramen but still have leftover soup and order a 2nd serving of noodles that you then add to the leftover soup. something like that anyway]



・ If you were to collect photocards of a 3rd generation member, who would it be?

This is difficult…
I think I’ll collect everyone’s close-up and full-body~
Full-body because I like the costumes, and close-up because you can see the face well



・Did you originally do calligraphy on a large sheet of paper, just like you did in Omotenashikai?


I’d never done that before…
So I really struggled with the size of the paper and the brush, which was new for me. But, I was the kind of person who has a hard time preparing, so I didn’t practice too many times and struggled with my balance every time ( ´o`。



・Do you drink coffee?

I do~
I can even drink it black



・What are you into lately?

Sudoku (Makes you forget about time)



・Is there anything you pay special attention to when dancing?


I do core training so the midline of my body doesn’t sway. Sakurazaka46’s dances have a lot of turning, so I looked up some exercises on the internet that can help keep my midline steady and trained on my own



・What are Shizuki-chan’s favorite characters? (Including Sanrio characters)


Sumikko Gurashi’s Tokage
Winnie-the-Pooh’s Piglet
Marumofubiyori’s Moppu-kun


・What is your favorite kind of cake?

Hmm~ Chocolate cake and Strawberry tart
Shine Muscat tart
[t/n: Shine muscat is a cultivar of white grape]


・What is the meaning behind Shizuki-chan’s name?

“May she become a girl who can gently wrap her surroundings with eyes that are big like the moon”…
that’s the meaning the name Shizuki carries.


・When you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, do you prefer to go to ones that have a drink bar?

I think I just go with what the others pick


・What is your favorite female hairstyle?

Anything’s good as long as it suits them


・Do you like the rainy season?



・What’s something that’s made you laugh recently?

Chatting with the 3rd generation members in the dressing room


・What kind of thing do you want to do in your blog?

Hm~ Everyone started adding their own twist to their blog, right… I can’t write well, so I try to hook you into reading from seeing the title… I guess

Maybe that’s why people think I’m relatively smart…
I wonder?


・What hairstyle would you like to do for concerts?

Sheep horn-styled hair


・What are you into lately?

I never get bored of going for ramen!


・What Sakurazaka46 songs would you like to perform with 3rd generation members?

Guuzen no Kotae


・What unit song would you like to try to perform?

Seifuku no Ningyo
Jamaica Beer
I hope I can perform them one day




Thank you very much for your many questions
I will be answering the questions I receive again in the future ☺︎



And so around here
I bring today’s blog to an end

Thank you very much for reading until the end




Tomorrow is Rika~
Please look forward to it










Bye bye ( ¨̮ )




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