Every single day that is like a bouquet of flowers (2021.01.26)



It’s Matsudaira Riko

2nd gen member from Tokyo🐰 




When I look back to the pictures on my phone, I found a lot of nostalgic pictures, so allow me to put these up



Right now I really want to eat ramen
 I’m into ramen that has green onion and peppers in it…


An off–shot from “HaaaaaN”
 a photoshoot I attended when I just turned 20 years old📷



I like photoshoots where I hold a flower💐
I hope that one day I could do a photoshoot where I’m surrounded with a lot of flowers🌼🌸💐



The other day, Hono-chan told me how someone asked her which members she would want to form a unit with, and she answered the three of us would be a great choice~ It wanted to do it too! Photo taken from out first filming🤳





It has always been my dream (to wear) Fukyouwaon uniform
I was happy to be able to wear the blue uniform in LAST LIVE🪐
There wasn’t time to take a picture… Huft….🥲🥲 




This uniform too sure feels nostalgic☺️
If I wear it now, I would have a different atmosphere, since I have a different hairstyle~




I love Matsudaーー
I spoke with Matsuda’s dad on the phone before, and I also have permission from Matsuda’s family, I want to go to Miyazaki someday!🥺 



To sum it up, frivolous interaction👧🏻




Today’s music
Moriuchi Hiroki – Ai no Katachi

Then, see you




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