February 19, Meet and Greet (2023.02.19)

Good evening🪞


Thank you for coming
To the 5th single’s first meet and greet🤍





A lot of people came today
I was happy to talk to those
who I haven’t met in a while


And there were a lot of people who said, “It’s my first time coming〜”
after watching the concerts last year,
I thought it was good that I did my best
at the concerts💭


I also heard impressions about
the tour and Buddies Thanksgiving
Those were a few months ago,
but it brought back memories〜


I have many photos from that time
that I haven’t posted yet so I want to post them…!


I was happy that many celebrated
my birthday too🎂


The balloons, cake, and illustrations
were all cute…!


The 3rd gen kids
came to my room during the break
We chatted, took photos,


and I danced with Miichan…
A day passed by just like that.






The next meet and greet will be on the 25th〜
Let’s talk again🎀

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