Flower (2023.05.10)

I’m Murayama Miu, who was given the name with hopes that I will become someone with a kind heart who’s like an angel with beautiful wings
[T/N: Miu’s name is written as 美羽, 美 means beautiful and 羽 means wing]





Well then
Did you read Yu’s blog yesterday?
I’m going to announce our pairing’s name




      Coffee and Milk

I usually wear black outfits, and Yu usually wears white outfits
We were like “Aren’t we just like coffee and milk?”
We just decided that on our own though

“Coffee and milk”, isn’t it cute?




A photo from when I was waiting to leave on the day I went out with my family


After the Fukuoka concert, we had a little bit of time so I went back home and relaxed



I read my favorite books,
Took a walk at a place with a lot of flowers in bloom, and ate delicious meals…

I feel like my mind and body have been recharged


I was drawn to a flower with a really dark purple color which was blooming among the pretty orange and pink colored flowers
I wonder what kind of flower was that
The spot where that flower was blooming had a different atmosphere, so I stared at it closely



Speaking of flowers,

I placed some dried flowers in my room
I’ve liked flowers since I was a kid, whenever I find a flower shop I would ask to be bought some
But it’s sad that they would eventually wither, so I turned to dried flowers



Another thing about flowers,

Thank you for the congratulatory flowers
I got to see them all

I was happy to see the congratulatory flowers which were filled with things I like
Before the show started, I kept looking at it while saying “So prettyー I’m so happyーー” in a quiet voice

I received the  love  from everyone!



A photo of me drinking tasty peach juice



By the way, in the previous blog before the last, I wrote that I received a stuffed gray rabbit, it was from Nagi
I totally forgot to write her name
It was a present from Nagi






The Sakurazaka channel has uploaded its commemorable first video
The atmosphere between the two of them is so wonderful that it makes you want to rewatch it again and again
There are other videos such as Numa song, manager’s point of view video, and our catering reveal so please check them out





Random talk


Something I felt during Omotenashikai and the tour


Even when I was able to focus on expressing the song during the performance, when the song ended and we lined up for the MC session, I would come back to myself and lose my confidence


I’m not good at dancing or singing
But this is the first time that I found something that I can be really engrossed in, so I’m having the most fun when I’m performing


My heart is filled with the feelings of wanting to entertain everyone
I will work harder and harder so that you can say, “I have high expectations for you”

By the way, this isn’t me whining, this is me declaring that I will work hard




Another random talk




I like makeup, so I would look the products up and do some window shopping casually
But in the end, I keep using the same makeup products
I would buy the products I’m already using again or buy another color of the same product, like that


It’s not just limited to makeup products, I feel like I’m someone who can’t be adventurous about everything, like food, shops, and friends
But after joining Sakurazaka, I’ve learned the joy of being adventurous a liーーttle
It’s thanks to everyone
From now on, I’ll be telling the stories of my little adventures
Let’s go on adventures togetherー



Tomorrow is Yamashita Shizuki’s turn
Look forward to it

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