I couldn’t think of anything… (2023.05.11)



I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto



Some time has passed
but thank you very much for Fukuoka performance
on 29th – 30th April


I was able to eat
my beloved ramen
I liked sea bream chazuke
more than I thought I would
And I couldn’t forget the taste
of my beloved motsu nabe as well~


Sakurazaka Channel
has been opened~



I watch YouTube often
so it makes me want
to record tons of videos

To everyone who hasn’t given it a look
or hasn’t been checking it
Go for it now
I look forward to your subscription


Let’s watch it together, everyone ‎٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و




A rare look
I gave outside curl a try




On my days off
I think I mostly let my bangs fall as is
Nnn~ Actually
Maybe that doesn’t happen at all…




The beach I went to with Miu

On that day, we went to an aquarium together~
We ate pancakes together

We had a relaxing sleepover
in my home region, Kansai ‪


And then…


Some time has passed since the exact day,
but it has been around 2 months
since I was revealed


About 2 months ago
I was filled with worry
I was nothing compared to who I am now
I was crying…
but as I interact with you through my activities,
there were many moments
where I thought about how fun this is ‪


Thank you very much
I will continue to do my best
without forgetting my beginner’s spirit



With Airi (੭‪ˊᵕˋᑦ)



I have received
the 4th round of letters 🐻
Some of the letters I got
couldn’t be delivered to me because of the tour
But they reached me a little while ago
So I’m reading them bit by bit every day


Thank you very much as always



And so around here
I bring today’s blog to an end


Tomorrow is Rika~
I can’t wait for it ~🧸






Bye by~e*˙︶˙*)ノ”

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