For some reason Itoha often makes eye contact with a lot of different people through the mirror. It always makes me laugh hmhm. I laugh because it’s somehow embarrassing and makes me feel awkward~. lol Today’s blog is by Itoha the Heat Wave Master (2023.06.21)






I feel like I’ve gotten stronger.

The reason for that is


I was recently praised for not crying~!



So? Amazing right? Hehe.





I   a m   M u k a i   I t o h a   f r o m   H i r o s h i m a   P r e f e c t u r e ,

I ’ m   1 7   y e a r s   o l d   a n d   i n   m y   2 n d   y e a r   o f   h i g h   s c h o o l .






Thank you for opening my blog.

I’m continuing off from Mio^._.^



On the day we first met, we stayed in the same hotel room and even though we had just met, we got along so well that we stayed up talking until 3am. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. lol









Look, look. hehe





A cute kitty^._.^







Also! Also!

I was really excited on this day because I had my hair and makeup done and it looked really cute!!



How do I look~?




Do you like it?






– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



6th Single Online Meet & Greet



【Round 5 of Applications】

Will open today, Wednesday June 21st, 2:00 PM

Until tomorrow, Thursday June 22nd, 2:00 PM






It already seems like I’ll be able to talk with lots of people…!


Thank you.



I wonder if I’ll get to meet new people too~!
Thank you! I’m looking forward to it. hehe. 




Thank you for using your precious time for Itoha

and for giving me your strength.



I’ll definitely make you happy.






I hope I’ll get to meet lots of people.





I’ll work harder and harder.

I’d be happy if you’d watch over me!


And I’d be even happier if you’d stay by my side forever




Ahh! I’m excited!!!



There’s also going to be an in person meet & greet this time…




Round 1 of applications: Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 10:00 ~ Thursday, June 29th, 2023 23:59




The 3rd generation members will be participating in pair lanes!



August 13th!!

Slots 3 and 4! I’m looking forward to being able to meet you hehe







Ehh!! So many happy things!!



I wanna see you all soon!!!





Let’s make lots and lots of memories together.






Time with just the two of us!

I get the feeling this will be the start of a wonderful summer!!^._.^



I’ll be waiting to see you.


Let’s deepen our love~^._.^



Itoha already loves you though!!!




Maybe you’ll even get to see a mature looking Itoha~lol




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Story About the 3rd Gens


I think I’ll talk about each of the 3rd gens in reverse name order~!

Itoha is actually full of little stories lol







So then first up is

Yamashita Shizuki



I often go out with Shii to eat ramen,

but recently we decided to get yakiniku instead!




So we looked up a bunch of different shops but had trouble finding one
since there weren’t any shops that were open at lunchtime

After a while we still couldn’t decide




So then suddenly Shii was like

Let’s just get ramen





After all that we got ramen anyway lol




While we were preparing for omotenashikai, Itoha stayed over at Shii’s house a lot and made lots of food for her 


I remember often making kitsune udon without the kitsune (without aburaage)
[t/n: udon noodles in dashi broth usually with aburaage (deep fried tofu) and narutomaki (those little fish cakes with the pink swirl in the middle)]




Why were we buying so much kitsune udon back then? lol






I also remember that one time after going into her house, Shii fell down so hard in the hallway that she couldn’t stand up for a few seconds. lol



The image of that is burned into my memory for life lol









Next time I’ll write Murayama Miu’s part




I already have a good idea of what I want to talk about and I’m writing it down in my notebook lol





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Seijaku no Bouryoku




Thank you for watching the MV so much.



We got to be part of such a wonderful song.




I’m so happy we were able to perform for it.



It’s a song I really, really love.


Everyone thought a lot about Natsu no Chikamichi but

Each of us thought really, really deeply about Seijaku no Bouryoku


And expressed it in our own way.




The lyrics, choreography, and world view of this song are all very powerful.




Please be sure to watch the MV!



I hope for it to become a work that resonates with the hearts of many people

And I want it to be loved by many people as well



I’ll talk about it in detail another time.




Thank you for 1 million views!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –








Q1. What events did you enjoy in high school?







A. Ahh yeah so this one~lol

I didn’t really go to many events… lol



Itoha liked going to school by herself!

So what I enjoyed was the time I spent on the way to school!




I’d leave the house early in the morning and there’d be nobody on the roads, so I’d sing while pedaling my bike~!




It’s cool in the mornings and the breeze feels good, so it was easy to sing~ lol




Or I’d try walking the distance I’d usually use a bike for and take a detour on the way home and get lost on an adventure~


I found that kind of thing to be very fun! lol



Of course, the athletic and cultural festivals were also fun!


I liked dancing with pom-poms for the athletic festival!

I was in charge of one of the booths for the entirety of the cultural festival, but that was fun too! lol



I’ve been a cameraman even since back then~!







Q2. What do you like about Yuzu, who was in the position symmetrical to you for Natsu no Chikamichi?







A. There are way too many things so I’m not sure which to talk about~!! lol



How about the fact that she’s kind literally no matter what happens


Or that she’ll always keep you in a positive mindset


Or that she’s always by my side


Or that she’s funny! lol



When Itoha was crying so hard that she didn’t even know why she was crying, she went over to Yuzu’s house with a trash can and a box of tissues, and she kindly let me into her home and comforted me like an older sister!



Yuzu-san is so, so reliable.


Compared to Yuzu, I’m not sure

if Itoha can be as reliable and supportive

or say things as nice as her,


Pretty much all I can do is listen to her

and make her sweets to cheer her up

and hope that I can be even of even a little bit of help to her~.



I’m sure Itoha’s love is unrequited, but she loves Yupi very much!







Q3. What do you like about Natsu no Chikamichi?







A. The fact that when we’re dancing, everyone makes eye contact



It’s sure to make me smile!




When we were filming the last chorus of the MV, I made a lot of eye contact with everyone and it made me smile so much!



Although for some reason it made me start tearing up as well~ lol







During the tour, I was forcibly facing towards girls that I don’t always get to make eye contact with lol




I’m so glad I got to look into everyone’s eyes! It was soo much fun! lol




Also I like that you can hear everyone’s voices so well!









And with that,







What do you think… lol




What should I do next~








– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –




Alright, I’m gonna end things here!


This blog probably ended up pretty long~..

Thank you for reading so much!


Itoha’s blog is always full of so much stuff, huh? lol




The topic is all over the place lol





Please love that side of Itoha as well!!





Another song this time


Ima wo ikiru noda.  /  Saucy Dog



When times are tough, when I feel like I want to stop, when I can’t look forward, if I listen to this song it calms my heart and makes me feel like I can work hard again.


There are a lot of songs Itoha loves, so I’d like to write about one each time~!




Tomorrow is Yu’s turn!

She gave Itoha a pair of super cute character socks on them for her birthday!
Itoha loves character socks and she had been looking for new socks so she was really happy!!! I can’t get over how perfectly sized they are too lol













Work hard with Itoha again tomorrow, okay?

I’ll still love you tomorrow!!



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