It’s Murai Yu, who looks happy when she eats (2023.06.22)



It’s been a while, everyone!



Thank you for your hard work today ☺︎



I’m 18 years old Murai Yu from Tokyo




I continued on from Itoha~!

Itoha looked so pleased when I gave her character-print socks for her birthday, it made me happy!

She put it on right away and kept on taking pictures with it on, she was so cute~ ♡





These days when I go out, it’s so dry and hot it makes me wonder if the rainy season has passed already… ☀️


Please take care of yourself~~




How do you spend your day off?



The other day, I went shopping for clothing with Airi

I got a very cute sports sandals that’ll be very useful in Summer ☺︎


Please look forward to it! ♡





We got to wear a new uniform~ ❕💞

The design is super cute!!

I like the big ribbon in the middle 🎀🤍




⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰




⚪️ 3rd generation song “Seijaku no Boryoku” ⚪️



Have you seen the music video?



The theme this time was “loneliness”.



I expressed the “pain” as it is,
as if I experienced that loneliness.



If I reach out my hand a little, it feels like I can reach my wish,

but I couldn’t


Choreography with such feelings come out many times.


Each of us expresses our idea of loneliness,
so I hope that you can pay careful attention to each of our expressions and dance.

I’d be happy if there is something that you can relate to.





From here on, I’ll write about the parts that I want you to pay attention to.




I danced in a worn-out room while wearing a white dress.

This scene originally had a choreography for it, but if I dance according to the set choreography it would be difficult for me to immerse in the emotions, so I was able to dance almost freely following my emotions.

I kicked the chair because of my emotions at that moment.

I have always been bad at showing my emotions, but I think that I managed to grow a little in this scene.




I danced in pair with Nagi.

We were conscious of making eye contact with the other and expressing the warmth of others.

The part in 2:10 where we bend our backs wasn’t easy to get right, so the two of us practiced it so many times.

After that, Shizuki comes up between us.

In the actual performance, Shizuki reached out her hand while screaming, and it really touched my heart.




In the scene with dresses, we danced while thinking of our ideal self.
The ray of light coming from above seemed to represent hope, it was very beautiful.
We were able to be shot in such a strong, beautiful, and wonderful way.

I wore the yellow dress, but did you notice it…?








“Seijaku no Boryoku” reached 1 million views 🌸

It makes me so happy that you watched and listened to it a lot.

Truly, thank you very much!

I pray that it could be a work that reaches many more people.



I’ll post the pictures I took during the MV filming next time!





⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰




And next, happy announcements!!! 📚🤍



◯ Sakurazaka 3rd gen members appeared on “anan vol. 2353” which was released yesterday, 21st June 🐼

We were able to have a cool photoshoot with a monotone outfit!



◯ Sakurazaka’s 3rd gen members are appearing on “ViVi August edition” that is released today, 22nd June 🫧

With the theme of sakura and “square”, we wore a cute, Summer outfit with square neckline ♡



◯ I appeared with Nagisa, Airi, and Yuzuki on “CanCam August edition” that is released today, 22nd June 🪄

We were given a sexy, mature atmosphere! I think you’ll be able to see a different us from usual 👀



By all means, please give them a check!!

I hope that you can learn a lot about us, 3rd gen members 🫶🏻





⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰





I am waiting for many questions from your letters 📝🕯️

I plan to do a QA corner in my next blog!



Real meet & greet has been announced 💡

I am very happy to be able to meet and talk wit everyone directly!

Please look forward to it~~ 🫶🏻






That’s it for today!



Tomorrow’s blog is Miu’s!


In general, I usually give a big reaction,
and I secretly feel happy with how Miu would always laugh when she sees it~ lol











Well then, good night~~ 🌙

See ya!

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