From here on too (2024.06.20)

Hello ☺︎

It’s Moriya Rena 🍒


Shin Sakura-zensen – Go on back? –
IN Tokyo Dome


We were able to safely complete both days with complete members


Thank you very much
To everyone who have came to the venue
To everyone who have watched through streaming.


Everyone, did you all have fun
when coming to watch this tour?



I believe that being able to
stand in Tokyo Dome again like this
After saying that I’d like us to stand in Tokyo Dome again
with our own power in my [Shinsekai] vision
is all thanks to the big power of your support
who continues to spread the charm of Sakurazaka
in daily basis.



And although I might be the one
who put it up as my vision
it is something that each member has spoken about before.


My heart is filled with gratitude
to think that thanks to all of the effort from
the members, staff members,
and all of the Buddies,
we could make another one of Sakurazaka’s dreams come true


Thank you very much



The cheers echoing from all 360-degree
is still resounding in my body
I wish I could be surrounded
by such happy cheers forever…



Now that one dream has come true,
we want to work hard together as a group,
while carefully accumulating one thing at the time
so that you can look forward to what the future holds for Sakurazaka


And we’d like to face our next dream
together with all of you Buddies


Please continue to support us from now on as well




See ya~

Rena 🍒

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