From today on! (2023.11.05)




Good morning ☀️

It’s Yuuzu.




Thank you very much for the meet and greet over the last two days ♡


Thank you for spending the most enjoyable time with me!

I’m looking forward to the next one!


Please stay healthy until we can meet again~ 🫶



↑ Yesterday’s me (In a happy mood because everyone praised me saying that I’ve gotten better at taking selfies)

My bangs grewー. I wonder which one is better, short or longー?






Well then, from today on!!


The third generation members will start our mobame ✨️


I’ve always waited for this moment!! Hyaffuー


If you’re wondering “What kind of messages will you send?”,
My answer is, “Well, look forward to it when it starts!”

I hope to send you messages about Yuuzu’s peaceful daily life.

It starts today at 12:00. I’ll be in your care.!





Okay then! I’m going do my best for Shinzanmono rehearsal~






Have a nice day 🌻



See you



From Yuuzu

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