Hello! I’m Yuzuki. (2023.11.09)

[T/N: Title is written in English]




Hello! I’m Yuzuki!
[T/N: In English, written in Katakana]

Hello! I’m Yuzuki!
[T/N: In Japanese, written in Hiragana]




There was a period of time when I worked hard to study English, thinking that if I could know a wider world and live with a broader perspective, I would surely be happier.

Yuuzu is happy to know that what I studied back then was unexpectedly put to good use. (I’m talking about “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” English segment episodes!)



There is not a single thing that is wasted or useless.


I decided to write this blog because some students and people who are preparing for exams came to my meet & greet. I hope my words will be delivered to them!

Even the efforts you make that make you wonder what’s the point, and the experiences you feel like you’re not suited for, they all have meaning and will definitely lead to your future. That’s what I think.

That’s why, let’s do our bestー, together.

Yuuzu will always be on your side.







Recently, I’ve been dancing, singing, eating, and sleeping lots. I’m doing well!

↑ Yesterday’s me


I’ll do my best for today’s Shinzanmono as wellー!
Everyone who’s going to come, be careful on your way ☺︎




Thank you for reading 🩷




I hope today will be a good day 🌻

See you

From Yuuzu

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