Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱

Thank you
for coming to the 8 performances of Sakurazaka46
[4th ARENA TOUR 2024 Shin Sakurasenzen -Go on back?-]!🌸


It was a very happy time being able to hear everyone’s voices 
and see your smiles~

I’m glad you all got excited 
and had a great time^ ^


Additional performances will be held at the Tokyo Dome
on June 15 (Sat) and 16 (Sun)!

I hope I can deliver 
the current Sakurazaka46 to you🌸

Please look forward to itー!



I could see it the moment I left Osaka-Jo Hall!

The local food was delicious too!
I got hooked on takoyaki,
and I still eat it these days🐙

I’ll change the topic…

The new Aeon Card CM
has been released!

The ‘Thanksgiving Day’ and ‘Double Points’ editions 
are now available for viewing👀

Please use your Aeon card to shop for your needs for the new chapter of your life

I would also like to use 
‘Yamada Takayuki card,’ too! (laughs)


The web CM was filmed with Hono-chan〜 

The content was very funny and it was a fun-filled shoot 
where we laughed all the time👔

And thank you 
for the Aeon Card Live!


March was full of events 
and I had a lot of opportunities to meet Buddies, 
so it was fun〜〜




I went to Gunma Safari Park with Kira-chan
on Sakurazaka Channel🦁

It was a fun day with the animals〜

We also went to the penguin zone〜
They’re cute with the sakura petals on their head🐧

Red Panda and Kira-chan.

Looks like they are communicating. (laughs) 

The ‘ar’ feature ‘Hikaru no me,’ 
celebrates its third anniversaryー!🌱 

I am so grateful 
for the very warm atmosphere 
during each photoshoots^ ^



I am also happy when you read 
and give feedback every month…!

Thank you very muchー!🌼

Tomorrow is ‘JAPAN JAM 2024’!


At 13:00〜
Sakurazaka46 will perform on the SKY STAGE!

It’s our first festival of the year 
so we’ll do our best👍🏻

Let’s have fun!

And the day after tomorrow is the real meet and greet in Kyoto!

Let’s talk a lot✌🏻
I’ll be waiting for you!

I wonder what clothes to wear〜〜

Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!

The end🌱

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