There are times when you buy something intending to eat it tomorrow, but end up eating it that day (2024.05.07)

Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱 





This is a blog about photos 
that I have meant to post for a long time 
but lost the timing〜

I have a lot of pictures of the camera, 
so I’ll post them^ ^


I like to look back at the photos often 
because they remind me of those times.

Above all, 
I always enjoy spending time with the members〜

I want to cherish them🙈



There were so many〜
This blog became a photo album〜

Well, sometimes it does🐜

I have been taking many pictures with my digital camera lately,
and I take a lot of landscapes.

The flowers on the greeting card
are also from a photo I took last month〜



Also, I’d like to travel to various places 
to take pictures of the scenes 
I saw in the anime📷

It looks fun…!

Speaking of anime, 
I watched Kaiju 8 this morning〜

I’ve been reading the manga 
so I am excited about it🦖

Please tell me your anime recommendations〜 











Well, that’s all for today.
Thank you for reading until the end!

The end🌱

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