Jigoujitoku (2024.06.13)

Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱

The music video of Sakurazaka46’s 9th Single, “Jigoujitoku” 
has been released!

The last chorus was filled with a lot of paint, powder, petals,
and confetti swirling around〜

Since we were shooting in the same location for a while,
it was beautiful to see it
gradually getting more colorful 🎨

This time as well,
it has become a piece filled with the feelings of many people!

I would be happy
if you could enjoy watching it many times^ ^

I’m counting on you!

I’ll post some behind-the-scenes shots〜







It’s a skirt that spreads out on the right side〜🦢 



It looks amazing in the interlude,
but even more when covered in paint during the last chorus〜〜

It was so much fun^ ^


I tied my hair up this time〜
It’s a bun🍡














Announcements from here on〜

🌱June 15 (Sat), 20:00〜
[Numa ni Hamattekiitemita]



This time, we focused on ‘Map mania,’ 
so we heard about and challenged 
various things related to maps!

We created imaginary maps, guessed towns from aerial photographs, 
and explored the different ways to enjoy each map, 
which was very interesting〜

You too will see the map in a different light👀

Please have a lookー! 








🌱June 12 (Wed) [Weekly Shonen Magazine]

I was honored to be on the cover and get featured in this issue!


This time, we shot in Hokkaido!


It was a place I had always wanted to visit, 
so I was very happy.



It was really a wonderful place〜🐄



When I went to the aquarium,
the walruses were so cute, they healed me…


The show was also powerful and fun, it was the best~ 
I want to go see them again^^

Please check it outー!


It’s almost time for the Tokyo Dome performanceー!

I’m really looking forward to it now🌸
I will do my best to make it a live performance 
that everyone can enjoy…!

I know some of you will be coming from afar, 
so please be careful when you come〜

I hope it doesn’t rain〜 


Aruhi-kun stickers are my favorite〜
Please use them^ ^

Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!

The end🌱

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