The collaboration movie between

Eve’s “Kororon” x GATSBY “METARUBBER” has been released



I am greatly grateful to be able to appear in GATSBY-san’s advertisement,

a brand that has been long-loved.





The ideal weather for the exciting filming


It was a place full of the stylish sense that makes you can’t blink

and couldn’t help but say “Whoa…!!!”

to everything that is happening around you.

Everyone was truly so funny and kind.



I’m only in the vehicle when I’m thirsty 🫢

That is just how much time I spent observing the filming site



And personally,

on that day I was able to ask about the reason why I was casted

that I have been curious about.

I was truly happy to hear the words I received that time…

Once again I am motivated to challenge even more works

that go beyond the frame of “an idol”.




I put my heart into this work

so I’d be happy if many people could come to see it









From 30th April 2023 ~ 16th May 2023

outdoor advertisements using the movie as well as the graphics

has been planned for the future

in Shibuya, Harajuku, Osaka, Aichi, Fukuoka, Hokaido

By all means, please take a picture of it 💙



Let’s enjoy a new style together



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