I want to relax as much I can on my day off~ I love to sleep until I naturally wake up, but I don’t like the lonely feeling of coming home tired and falling asleep without realizing it… (2023.04.19)







I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto


Thank you very much for opening this blog


Thank you very much
for the two Tokyo performances
on 12th April and 13th April




It’s our first tour
as 3rd generation members
A very good start for the tour
and being able to see you


makes me happy~


And today is
the first day of our Aichi performance
And on such a thankful day
my turn on the blog relay has come around…


Let’s enjoy
the remaining performances too ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و




A happy announcement 🧸


On B.L.T July edition
that goes on sale 28th April
my first solo gravure will be featured in it


Thank you very much


Yamashita who was extremely nervous
about her first photoshoot,
was laughing the whole time
as the atmosphere was fun from start to finish


It was very fun
I was able to do the shooting in many different places
So by all means,
please do give it a check ☺︎






All the pictures
I put on this blog
are selfies
from the 2nd day of our Tokyo performance~


This is just what I feel
but I wish I could capture the visual of what I actually saw that day
and preserve it as an image
I strongly feel that way
so maybe I should do this kind of blog for each performance…


I wonder if you get it…




Thank you very much


for 5th single meet & greet


Thank you very much
for my first signing event too
I want to talk while looking you in the eye
but then
I can’t write a word…

It’s so difficult~


It was very fun
Thank you very much for taking the time to do this
for Yamashita’s sake…


I hope that I could see
your cheerful faces again
in the next single as well

I’ll be waiting 🐻




I have received
the third round of letters

Thank you very much

I always properly read them
each time
Not just once, of course~
I read them many times over…



And I will be answering
some of the questions you asked in them ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


・ Do you have any pets?
→ I don’t have one. I want to raise an otter

・Please decide on a fandom name for Shizuki fans
→ That’s something I have no sense for…
     If you have any ideas
     please do tell me

・Favourite choreography in Natsu no Chikamichi
→ I really like how each member gets a turn to center in the 1st chorus…



I will answer more another time


New mascot
The flustered dog
(The usual drawing is a flustered cat)



And so I bring today’s blog to an end here
It might have ended up a little too long…



Tomorrow is Rika’s turn
I wonder what will she write~
I look forward to it ‎✿ ‎




Bye by~e *˙︶˙*)ノ”

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