Gloss (2023.12.19)




Thanks so much for

the meet & greet and the special event

on the 17th 🧸



Gloss (2023.12.19)




Christmas is getting close, so

I had some accessories being put on my hair…



Sure I did ( ˆ࿀ˆ )♩






This day was my last chance to

speak to you all directly in 2023


“How was this year~?”

This is a question I was asked, and that I also tried asking.


There were a lot of conversations around this

and many other topics too 😙


Thank you so much.





From now on,

there will be music TV shows’ live broadcasts, there’s also festivals,

so there’s still a lot of opportunities to see you all

during the remainder of the year


At the beginning of next year,

we will have the meet & greet in person where we will be able to meet directly with you


I’m looking forward to each of these events 🌷


Thanks so much for your support.






Yesterday we were in

CDTV Live Live! Christmas Special SP


Thank you so much 🎄🦌🌟



We had the opportunity

to perform “Star Over!” 🦋︎❤︎



It made me happy that we were able to show in TV

the outfits we wore during the Anniversary live~~






It was fun.




Sugawara Satsuki-chan from Nogizaka46 🍓♡


It seems she’s been talking about how she likes me,

and we were able to speak for the first time~~



I was able to hear various stories
from manager-san in detail recently,
which was a pleasant surprise…! ( ◜◡◝ )



Satsuki-chan is so cute ☺️









Although it won’t be in chronological order,

I will write about FNS Music Festival next time!




See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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