Go on back? (2024.06.19)

Good evening, everyone 🌸

It’s Matono Mio


Hey, hey, hey!!!!!!


Sakurazaka46’s 4th ARENA TOUR 2024 Shin Sakura-zensen -Go on back?-

Have been safely completed!!!!

Truly thank you very much!!!!!!!!! 😭😭

To be frank, I had so!!!! much fun!!!!
My heart is filled so much with it



And thank you very much as well for our two days additional performance at Tokyo Dome!!!



Tokyo Dome

Even from the time of rehearsals, I was already overwhelmed by the size and significance of this place

I am sure that Tokyo Dome
is one of the places where many artists have realized their dreams.

And we, 3rd generation members, were able to participate in creating a concert in such a wonderful place this occasion


Each lightsticks colors come together
And I was able to see the most beautiful sight like never before
It was truly such a happy moment.


“I wish this time could continue forever”
So I thought


Truly, truly thank you very much to everyone who have came to the venue, to everyone who watched through streaming!!!!



I really like this costume!!!

I like how everyone looks when wearing this costume, I actually took my time to have a good look on each person




We’re always together, aren’t we?




My hairstyle on 2nd day of Tokyo Dome



Doggo!!! Doggo!!! Doggooooo!!




Riko’s hairstyle recently been very cute, isn’t it?

You look great with it



This is Yutsu-tan

We are always talking about funny things so much so there’s no time to take a breathe in



I really do sincerely love concerts

The moment when so many people gather at the same place at the same time
And connect with each other

I hope to be able to continue to create such wonderful time and space with all of you from now on as well



Thank you very much for reading!



See ya

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