Happy days #nagisablog (2024.06.18)

Hello, everyone
I’m Sakurazaka46’s Kojima Nagisa!


“4th ARENA TOUR Shin Sakura-zensen – Go on back? – IN Tokyo Dome”

Truly thank you very muchTo all 110.000 people who came to the venue
To the many people who watched through streaming
To everyone who supported us!


I feel a bit sad that the 4th Tour, which started from March 2024, is coming to an end.

However, through this tour, I was once again reminded
That meeting Sakurazaka46 and meeting all of you Buddies has truly been a miracle and something precious.


Time is truly something that flies by so quickly, and it’s already been a year since I joined Sakurazaka46. I have learned and experienced a lot within this past year.

And above all, I’ve been able to get this far thanks to all of the support given by the Buddies
Thank you very much for your continued support



Standing on Tokyo Dome’s stage together with the seniors


When it was announced, to be honest, it still felt like a dream and I couldn’t really believe it.

The last concert I watched before entering Sakurazaka46 was “2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?” TOUR FINAL at Tokyo Dome”.

The emotions I felt at the time still comes back to me vividly even now.


They were so cool in every way, and we admire them, and the 3rd generation members had many discussions together such a
“Will this kind of future ever come to us?”, “Won’t the group will fall apart with 3rd gen’s entrance?”.


Of course, I had many fun and happy memories as well


That’s why, even if I told past me about it, I don’t think that she would believe that we’d be standing on that stage within a year, which was something we never thought we would.


However, the sight of the 360-degree view filled with Buddies was so beautiful, I felt that my tears would come flowing out if I let my guards down.


Above all, what I’d like to say to everyone is
Sakurazaka46 is so much better and more wonderful than I had imagined before joining the group, so much so that my fears and anxieties seem to be a lie

So much so sometimes I wonder if it’s alright for me to be so blessed to have such seniors, staff members, and genmates

Even though each person has their own hardships, they are always full of love, smiles, and kindness




Of course, anyone might have that moment when they wish they could go back to the past. But I’d like to cherish the present moment more than anything


I’d like the “moment I want to return to” for me to continue be the “present” that is being renewed day by day. And I believe that the “days of my youth” are in the new memories that I will create with each and every one of you Buddies from now on.



I think that Sakurazaka46 have changed a lot within the past year


While I think that it is of course the accumulation of each event, but I also think that the first overseas performance, and the fact that 3rd gen members will be the center of 9th single’s title song and BACKS song is one of the biggest changes


Just like Yuzu said in the MV, we 3rd gen members always wish to be a positive influence in the group. I think that this is something that we all have been thinking about ever since we passed the audition


And because this is a place that I love, as a member of the group, I would like to continue to follow in the footsteps of my seniors and grow as a person so that I can be of some help to the group 🌸



I want to continue to climb the hill (zaka) together with you all,
And see many dreams together
I will always love you
Please continue to support me from now on as well



I hope that I may continue to live happy days with all the Buddies



See you

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