Tokyo Dome (2024.06.18)

I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
From Shizuoka 🐟🌻






4th ARENA TOUR Shin Sakura-zensen – Go on back? – IN Tokyo Dome

To everyone who came to the venue
To everyone who watched through streaming

Truly, truly thank you very much!! ✨



I was truly so happy that all the members could stood there together 𑁍𓏸𓈒



Thanks to all of you Buddies
We were able to see the sight of Tokyo Dome filled with Sakura color in 360 degree



The first time I stood there,
I was overwhelmed by how big Tokyo Dome is,

But on my second Tokyo Dome,
I feel that I have gained confidence
From realizing that we are a group
That has the support of so many people


The fact that so many people
Came to see us is something so dream-like
That makes me happy

I kept feeling touched
The the sight I see from the stage



Before the start of the concert
The stage director told us

That we should think what we are trying to convey
To those who came today by standing on the stage
And what it means to be on the stage,



When I thought about what it is,

I want to tell
All the Buddies

That there are so many fun things in life to live for
And that’s why I’d like us to live through life together


I want all the Buddies
To be happy at all times,

but I am sure there will be times when they are not happy,
and those times may be more frequent

But I hoped that today, for this Sakurazaka46 concert
Everyone could have fun

I myself would like to have fun as well,

And to live through it together with you

I performed with those feelings!



I’d like to continue to see beautiful sceneries
With the Buddies!

Please continue to give Sakurazaka46 your support!




The many beautiful costumesーーーー!✨

There is so much affection put into each costume
I love it!!





Thank you very much for reading until the end!



Akipo 🐟



You’ve been caught in a 129cm deep swamp

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