Happy mood (2023.05.01)






There’s a kind of dessert that I’ve been into recently


Panna cotta!



I reeeally like to eat it with strawberry sauce…
It’s a dessert that I don’t see very often, but
when I see it, I go “Yay♡”


I’m curious about
the food that makes everyone go “Yay♡”
Let me know sometimeー♩







Long time no see, everyone
It’s been 10 days 〜〜!


Is there someone who has been waiting〜?👂🏻




It’s Ishimori Rika ☺︎





The past 10 days of work, school,
part-time jobs, etc… Thank you for your hard work ☺︎

You’re amazing〜〜!
You did your best〜〜〜!

(    ˊᵕˋ)ノˊᵕˋ  ) pat pat


Treat yourself well today and
have a good night’s rest 🌙





And now,
Golden Week has begun, hasn’t it?

Looks like we’re free to move around this year!
I wonder if some of you are going on a trip?

I hope you have lots and lots of fun ♩
I’d love to hear about your trip someday〜









I’ve been wanting to tell you about this for a long, long timeー!

Congratulatory flowers!!!
Thank you so much (ToT)♡

I’m so lucky 〜〜




These are what I received at the Tokyo and Aichi shows  ☺︎

Sorry it’s hard to see ( ;  ; )



It was placed indoors at the Aichi show
I was able to go and see it
I burned it into my memory with my own eyes〜!





They’re all too good for me
All of them are so beautiful (ToT)♡


Thinking about making them in my penlight color 〜
Make it like this 〜
I’m so happy for the time it took to think about what kind of celebratory flowers to make…

And the willingness to send it to me
I’m so happy
for your feelings




Thank you
very very much ( ˶˙ᵕ˙˶ )

The thoughts you have given me
I have absorbed them into my being
and they have become the power that will support me from now on!
I have become stronger〜〜




I’ll do my best until the end of the tour 🧸








Seki Yumiko,
on the second day of Sakurazaka46’s “3rd TOUR 2023” in Fukuoka,
has graduated 🌸


During our first meet and greet,
Seki-san spoke to us through a staff member

I was so happy
to have a senior talk to me.
Seki-san always has a gentle atmosphere around her and speaks to me warmly.
When I expressed my weakness, she listened to me and gave me courage.

I am very happy to have met Seki-san.


Thank you very much.
Congratulations on your graduation.

I will continue to love you!










On sale from April 28,

BUBKA June issue,

With the Sakurazaka46 “All of the 3rd generation special”
We were featured on the cover and the beginning pages of the issue!


I’m very happy to be featured with all the members of the 3rd generation.


At a nice guest house near the beautiful sea
We shot in a gentle atmosphere
It was fun ☺︎





The first five in alphabetical order


Smile ☺︎





In the interview
Each one of us answered the question
“What kind of idol do you want to be?”



What did I answer〜
Please take a peak 🌝






I’m still getting used to having photoshoots
I’m still trying to figure out
how to get the right picture

I’m not good at photos…
But I want to do my best!
I need to do more and more research…

I’ll do my best to grow
even if it’s just a little bit.!




(  •̀ •́ )୨








I said this at the beginning but
The sweet I’m into now is panna cotta



When I was little
I didn’t really like sweet things with fruit sauces on them
I was the type of person who wanted to eat sweet things just for their sweetness.!


But lately
when there’s fruit sauce on it
I’ve come to think “I’m glad!!”


When I eat something sweet
I end up drinking black coffee




I guess I’ve grown upー♩





It’s a small event, but
when I notice a change in my taste buds and senses
I feel a sense of excitement and freshness



I’ll keep reporting small events from now onー.♩

I’ll hear yours, too








Question Corner!




Q What kind of music do you listen to? Who are your favorite artists?

My favorite music is easy to understand,
I like songs that are easy to understand and attract me with their intros ☺︎
I’d like to know everyone’s recommendations〜


Here are the songs I’ve been listening to recently 🎧

・Yasashii Kimochi/Chara-san
・Kohakuironomachi, Syanhaiganinoasa/Quruli-san
・Namaeha Kataomoi/indigo la End-san
・Sore Dake/aiko-san


YOASOBI-san’s “Idol”,
I’m got totally hooked on it from “Oshi no ko”
It’s so interesting… I can’t wait for one week at a time…



Q What is the meaning behind the green and pink penlight colors?

I chose them because of the image of Keyakizaka and Sakurazaka!
Sakurazaka is white, but in order for the colors to not overlap, I chose cherry blossom pink ☺︎









I’ll end it here for today ☺︎


From tomorrow again
Let’s do our best for 10 days〜

(ง ˙~˙ )ง








Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn!
Can’t wait♩




See you〜!

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