I’m always so concerned about the empty space in my pictures that I end up scribbling on them… then I wonder about whether or not it looks good, delete it, then I feel uneasy about it and add it back~ Even though I’m not an indecisive person lol (2023.05.01)








I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto


Thank you very much for opening this blog


Thank you very much for the two-day Aichi performance
on the 19th and 20th of April

I visited Aichi
for the first time in my life
I thoroughly enjoyed the local gourmet~


on the second day of Fukuoka performance
my turn to write the relay blog has come ︎︎☺︎


Fukuoka performance was fun
Thank you very much


I ate ramen



Let’s have a lot of fun
in the remaining performances as well~




Thank you very much for all the flowers ✿ ‎

I was able to see

both the ones addressed to me and to 3rd generation

It made me happy

There were several people
mentioning it
in the meet & greet…

And they also
showed it to me
so I was able to have a good look at it


Thank you very much
I stored
lots and lots
of it in my photo album~ ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و




I was finally
able to see it
Detective Conan



I wasn’t able to see it on the release date
and it made me feel frustrated
But in any case, it was good
I think
I’m going to watch it about two more times…



Movie theaters sure are crowded, huh~
My popcorn was
This is a must…
And I definitely won’t touch it
until the movie start ‪︎︎☺︎







In this blog
I put the selfie I took
from the second day of the Aichi performance
This one in particular
I posted because we started being able to post two-shots
We also just had the Fukuoka performance though


I will post
picture from the Fukuoka performance
next time




The picture in Yuuzu’s blog
that Yamashita appeared in
I really loved it
Yuuzu is so cute…


We certainly did
cling to each other during trainee period
Of course, I like her too
even now…



A happy announcement 🧸


3rd generation members
appear on BUBKA June edition that is released on 28th April


The 3rd generation members decorate the cover and are the main feature of the issue
Thank you very much

A beautiful place with cherry blossoms
and the sea
and the interviews in which
you can learn a lot about the 3rd generation too
You can find a lot of things
So by all means grab a copy~


Thank you very much, BUBKA-san ︎︎☺︎




I mentioned this in my last blog as well
My solo gravure is featured in the June issue of B.L.T.
that was released on 28th April‪‪ ·͜·


I’m putting the
ice cream that I ate
during the filming


as an off-shot too…

I laughed so much
but that’s just
how fun it was…


By all means, please give it a look (੭‪ˊᵕˋᑦ)





And so around here
I bring today’s blog to an end
This time it might actually be a little long…



Tomorrow is Rika’s~
I wonder what kind of healing she will deliver? 🧸





Bye by~e *˙︶˙*)ノ”



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