Happy White Day 🤍 (2021.03.14)

Good evening



I did kururinpa* for the first time in a while (my hairstyle)

*hairstyle with divided ponytail


Thank you everyone,

for the Online Meet&Greetー!


Today was the last m&g of the 1st single~



A strawberry I got for White Day🍓

I love strawberries~🤍



An Alice band* that I borrowed from Fuu-chan!

*a type of headband, called Katyusha in Japanese which is a loanword from Russian




It was really fun being able to talk directly with all of you for the first time in a while,

Hearing about everyone’s recent happenings and being asked about myself✨

I look forward to when we can meet again~

Take care of your health,

And let’s do our best every day from now on as well~🐥



And finally

To all of you graduating this year,



I hope you all will have a lot of wonderful encounters in the future~!


See you~





Tonight on Kochi Hoshi,

『Guuzen no Kotae』will air for the first time!

Please listen to it🌟



This is from a magazine shoot~!☀️



Harada Aoi blog 2021/03/14 19:51

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