Rikopi (2021.03.14)

Hello, good evening

It’s Sakurazaka46’s Saito Fuyuka 🐷🌸


Today, on 14th March, 2nd generation member Matsudaira Riko graduates from Sakurazaka46


The first 2nd generation graduation

To be honest, I wanted to see more of Rikopi the Idol, I wanted to look on as Rikopi freely dreams in Sakurazaka

I wanted to chat more about trivial things and laughs so much during break time, I wanted to do more monomane together with you

When worried, I want the two of us to have serious conversation in a quiet room, to talk about feelings that only the two of us could understand

I loved the pleasant conversation with Rikopi, which was a mix of honorific and casual conversation. It was fun


I feel that Rikopi was the first to befriend 1st generation at such an early stage, and for 1st generation who have a lot of shy people, I think that Rikopi who reached out to us a lot was truly very big presence


“After all, I loved Keyakizaka”


The answer Rikopi gave, the feelings she conveyed, made me feel sad, sorry, and gave me complicated feelings, but I am truly glad to have met a junior who loved Keyakizaka so much. I was truly happy

I think that it wasn’t a coincidence, but destined , that all 9 2nd generation members could join in all 21 member songs

But there is only one regret

During last year’s stay at home period, she asked me to send her the “I’m Out” dance video that I sent to my mobame

It made me happy and surprised, so I asked why, and she said, “I like the song, I want to dance it someday so I want to practice at home”

I think I will never forget the happiness I felt at that time…
I’m repeating myself many times over, but I am truly happy that she love the song(s) itself that much
I promised to definitely dance it together with her, but unfortunately it didn’t happen…

So, let’s do it privately☺️👍🏻lol lol



Member graduation I’ll never get used to…


Rikopi, truly thank you

You saved me several times

From now on too, please continue to lend your ears to me

I’ll listen to Rikopi a lot as well☺︎︎


I hope that an exciting life awaits Rikopi

Have fun as much as you want ✊🏻🔥


It was fun!




See you again ( ◠‿◠ )

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