Hello (2022.04.14)





Thank you very much for opening up my blog


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira







On 4/10
We had the first meet and greet session for the 4th single〜


I got to talk a lot with both familiar people and new people and I had a really fun time🤗


I was very grateful!









I was emulating Fuwa-chan’s hairstyle, but
the hairpins on my bangs were heavier than I had expected


After trying it firsthand, I thought that Fuwa-chan, who can jump around so lightly while wearing that number of pins is really an amazing person👏










Koike-san and Fuyuka-san got back at me for scribbling on their room’s whiteboard〜🐱👧



Both of them have pretty handwriting












It would be a shame not to release these photos I took to the world so
Please enjoy















These were so cute,
I spent over an hour just browsing my gallery for them📸











See ya








Thank you very much for reading until the end

Masumoto Kira (Kirako)


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