46 (2022.04.13)

Good evening~





On 6th April, Sakurazaka46’s 4th single Samidare yo
has been released☺️




Meguri has started as well,
and I feel very happy
to be able to chat with you again after a long while







It has been decided that my graduation concert
will be held on 21st – 22nd May in Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium!



I thought that this could realize thanks to everyone who has supported me until now


In this limited time that I have as an idol,
I will spend my days as to
properly repay all the love that I have received until now



I look forward to meeting all of you 🌸




















On the other day, we appeared in Venue101~


It’s an honor to be able to appear in the first broadcast!
We performed Boku no Dilemma on TV for the first time



I performed it while remembering my memories with the members~🧚🏻


By all means, please give it a lot of listen 😌







See ya


Watanabe Risa

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