Hono’s children (2023.11.20)




Thanks so much for the meet & greet sessions!


Hono’s children (2023.11.20)


Hono’s children (2023.11.20)



Nagisa-chan 🐶🎀



She let me choose for her the

half-up pigtails’ hairstyle with ribbon~~~!



So cute~ it suits her~ 😚








Something that hasn’t changed even now,

having her come to talk to me with her sparkling eyes,

it was so cute ☺️♡ it made me happy.


Hono’s children!!!!! 👶🏻









There’s only one week left until the anniversary live,

it was a hot topic of conversation during the meet & greet sessions.







When the event was announced,

I thought that there was still a long way to go…!




It made me very happy that you showed me

all your goods, handmade uchiwa fans, etc. ☺︎ 

“I will look for them~! I will find them~!” This is what it made me feel 🧸






I don’t think I need to write too much about it, but..


When you are holding up your towel or signboards, please hold it at chest height,

think about the people around you when you are waving your penlight,

Sakurazaka and Buddies, and Buddies among themselves,

I hope we can make a concert where we can all be considerate to each other ☺️




We haven’t been to such a big venue until now,

and I also heard some people saying that

this was the first time they were going to a concert,


I want everyone to take back home

an equal sense of fun,

it would make me happy if everyone can feel comfortable

in that warm atmosphere that Sakurazaka and the Buddies always have,

this is what I thought 🌸( ◜◡◝ )





I’m really looking forward to this!!!

Anniversary live!!!!



During the meet & greet sessions,

the Buddies also conveyed how much they are looking forward to it,

I also feel the same kind of excitement 😌









However, it seems the temperature might drop considerably during these two days,

and the sea breeze will be strong too so it may get very cold,

therefore please make sure to take measures against cold weather (´∵`)!



I’m very worried about everyone,

so in order for everyone to genuinely enjoy the concert,

please stay warm as much as possible 🙇🏻‍♀️




Even in those conditions,

we want to make it a very hot concert,

so please look forward to it!!






For those who are unable to go to the venue,

there will be live broadcast for both days,

so if it’s okay with you,

let’s celebrate together the group’s 3rd year 🎂





There will also be repeat streaming,

and streaming for overseas audiences, so please by all means ☺︎





I will be waiting in

ZOZO Marines Stadium~~🌸٩( ‘ω’ )و




(Somehow I ended up writing a lot, sorry~!)








Wednesday, November 22nd

“VOCE January Issue”


I look forward to your support for this month’s issue as well.

After the release day, I will post some of the

behind the scenes photos somewhere ~💄🪞






Sunday, November 26th, from 21:54



I will make an appearance! 🎮



It was a difficult battle…🫠




It will be broadcasted on the evening of the 2nd day of anniversary live!

So please watch~!









The day after tomorrow is MTV VMAJ 2023


Let’s enjoy together with

all of those who come~~🌸


Looking forward to your support ☺︎








Recently it’s been very cold,

so I’ve made sure that everything that surrounds me when I sleep

such as pajamas, futon and pillows

are extra fluffy and soft.


Sleeping comfort is the best!!!!




I’m really sleeping very well🐑






See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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